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(GOP Sen. Ron Johnson says the Capitol riot ‘didn’t seem like an armed insurrection. Source: Businessinsider)

Senator Ronald Harold Johnson (R) is an American businessman and politician. He is serving as a senior U.S. Senator from Wisconsin under the Republican party.

Johnson was born in Mankato, Minnesota, on April 8, 1955. During his childhood, he delivered newspapers. He also worked as a caddy, a baled hay, and a dishwasher.

He attended Edina High School and graduated in 1973. He enrolled at the University of Minnesota and graduated with a B.A. degree in Business and Accounting. He furthered his studies till 1979. But, he did not receive a Master’s degree.

In 1979, Johnson moved to Wisconsin. There, he started a business in manufacturing plastic sheets with his brother-in-law. He worked as the company’s accountant and machine operator. He later became its CEO. But, his brother-in-law sold the company for $18 million in 1987. Ten years later, Johnson reacquired the company and remained its CEO.

Senator Ron Johnson Career

Johnson started his political career as a Republican candidate for a seat at the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Senator Ron Johnson had no prior history of electoral campaign or service. He gained public attention after his emotional speeches at the Tea Party rallies. In September 2010, Johnson won the Republican primary with 85% of the votes. Before the election, Johnson had realized $15.2 million in campaign donations. He subsequently won the general election with 52% of the votes. He was re-elected in 2016.

Senator Ron Johnson Accomplishments

(Ron Johnson twice blocks Covid stimulus checks. Source: Politico)

Johnson has many legislative accomplishments in the service of his people. He has worked hard to keep his people from harsh government policies and laws. 

He has also worked to enhance security at the local, state, and national levels. He has worked with local authorities to ensure the peace and safety of his people. He has also made effective policies geared towards national security. He served as the Chairman of Homeland Security and addressed the nation’s security concerns. Johnson also introduced legislation to reinforce the programs of the Department of Homeland Security. 

Johnson’s administration also fostered economic and job development. He has created and supported many jobs and startup businesses across the state. His administration has also provided equal economic opportunity for everyone. He also encourages economic growth in the private sector.

Johnson’s administration is also committed to serving and supporting the veterans. He has also worked towards defending the veterans and also promoting strong national defense.

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Senator Ron Johnson Criticisms

In 2020, Senator Johnson was scrutinized for abuse of power. According to the nonprofit watchdog, he violated the senate ethics code in search of issues against Joe Biden. Abuse of power was put in question as he was mishandling official resources to promote invalid political claims.

He also faced criticism over misinformation about COVID. He posted videos against the public safety measures against the virus. He advocated using hydroxychloroquine despite warnings from medical communities against the act. His content was subsequently marked with a warning from YouTube.

Ron was also allegedly involved in a corruption scandal. As one of the richest congressmen, Ron promised to put the public interest before his personal interest. But, people criticized him for having little to walk his talk. 

Ron was also one of the Senators that wrote a warning letter to the Iranian government against signing a nuclear deal without Congress’s approval. But, the letter received backlashes from the Democratic U.S. President and Congress. He was also part of the Senators that filibustered CIA drone policy.

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Senator Ron Johnson Net Worth

According to Incomepedia, Senator Ron Johnson net worth is estimated at about $45 million.

Final Thoughts

(Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Faces Pushback As He Continues To Question U.S. Capitol Insurrection. Source: WUWM)

Senator Ron has represented his people’s interests at the state and national levels. He has worked hard towards the development of the economy and fiscal responsibility. 

But, Ron has faced many political backlashes and criticism. A nonprofit watchdog accused him of mishandling government information for personal use. He also got under fire for spreading misinformation about the COVID virus. He was also accused of conflict of interest after lying about securing his riches.


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