Washington, we have a problem.

Every day, millions of Americans strive for a better life but are unaware of the government benefits designed to assist them.

  • Are you missing out on a free laptop for your child, courtesy of EBT?
  • Could you be benefiting from free food delivery, without spending a dime
  • Are no-waiting-list housing solutions in counties like Wheeler and Maui slipping through your fingers?

Don’t let these valuable government-assisted programs pass you by. They’re designed specifically for situations like yours.”

Founder’s Story

As a millennial, our founder studied Political Science at a prestigious institution and felt the pressure of being part of the sandwich generation. He grappled with:

  • Student loans: $32,731 — The average US student loan debt.
  • Bigger price, smaller size: The Big Mac has shrunken by over 60% since its launch, yet its price has inflated by more than 500%.
  • Stagnant wages: The median weekly earnings have only increased by 3% from 1979 to 2018, remaining virtually flat despite the rising cost of living
  • Skyrocketing rent: From 2000 to 2020, rents increased by nearly 40% (adjusted for inflation), outpacing income growth.
  • Healthcare costs: The average annual premium for family health coverage reached $21,342 in 2020, a 55% increase from a decade ago.

These facts paint a picture of the hurdles faced by millions, including our founder.

The Project

In his university years, our founder established ContactSenators.com, a platform to amplify the voices of ordinary citizens in the halls of power.

As the site evolved, it morphed into a comprehensive resource, providing not only a means to reach lawmakers but also spotlighting the range of benefits available to the American public.

Today, our mission is to help you uncover and claim the benefits you’re entitled to, from free laptops to no-waiting-list low-income housing. We strive to bridge the gap between you and the aid that could transform your life.

Armed with a deep understanding of the political landscape and a dedication to simplifying government processes, ‘Contact Senators‘ has emerged as a trusted source of information for thousands of Americans. We’re committed to helping you improve your life by connecting you with the government benefits you’re entitled to.

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