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(U.S senator wants to ban Big Tech from buying anything ever again. Source: Reuters)

Senator Josh Hawley is an American lawyer, politician, and former professor. He is serving as a Junior United States Senator since 2019. He was born in Springdale, Arkansas. 

Sen. Hawley went to Rockhurst High School. He graduated in 1998 as a Valedictorian. He regularly wrote columns in high school for his hometown newspaper. He went to Stanford University to study history. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2002 with the highest honors and Phi Beta Kappa membership. 

After Stanford, he worked as an intern at St Paul’s School for a year, and then he joined Yale Law School. He graduated from Yale in 2006 with a Juris Doctor degree. While at Yale, Hawily was an editor of the Yale Law Journal and also served as president of the Federalist Society.

Senator Josh Hawley Career

After Law school, Senator Josh Hawley worked as a law clerk for 2 years for judge Micheal W. McConnel in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. In 2007, he went to work for Chief Justice John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court till 2008. He worked in private practice as a litigator at Hogan & Hartson after his clerkship.

Before moving to Missouri, he worked for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty where he wrote briefs and gave legal advice in the Supreme Court cases. Hawley returned to Missouri in 2011 and became an associate professor at the University of Missouri Law School. In 2013, he served as a faculty member of the Blackstone Legal Fellowship. 

Senator Josh Hawley decided to run for Attorney General of Missouri in 2016. He raised $9.2 million for his campaign and defeated Kurt Schaefer in the Republican primary and Democrat Teresa Hensley in the general election.

Senator Josh Hawley decided to run for Senate in 2017 when he formed a campaign committee. He was endorsed by Trump. Hawley was sworn into the Senate in 2019.

Senator Josh Hawley Accomplishments

Senator Josh Hawley took the Missouri GOP by storm in 2016. Since then, he has accomplished a good reputation as a person who helped win big religious cases. He also helped in taking down predatory landlords and protecting Americans from foreign trade cheating.

Senator Josh Hawley Criticisms

(Josh Hawley is the center of attention, but will any of his tech bills become law. Source: Kansascity)

Hawley criticized “career politicians” in his campaign for Attorney General. Later on, this became a point of criticism himself when he ran for Senate. Both Republicans and Democrats criticized Hawley for making a really fast move for the Senate in less than a year after becoming attorney general.

Hawley was criticized on the Death of Tory Sanders by black lawmakers, on his proposed legislation for Section 230, and also after he blamed the 1960’s sexual revolution for sex trafficking.

Senator Josh Hawley Net Worth

According to Incomepedia, Senator Josh Hawley net worth is estimated at about $1.1 million.

Final Thoughts

Senator Josh Hawley had a great career. But came along his picture before the rioting of the Capitol in which he held his hand high towards the rioters. Many people have been accusing him since this picture went viral on social media. But, Hawley has denied every objection coming his way.


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