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This article is a collection of the best answers to Iowa Medicaid’s most frequently asked questions.

Medicaid is a government-sponsored healthcare program for low-income families and individuals who fulfill specific income and resource requirements. Only the aged, blind, or disabled can access resources within the defined restrictions.

We have scoured the internet to provide all you need to know about the Alaska Medicaid Benefits.

You will learn everything you need to know about Iowa Medicaid in this article.

What is the Iowa Medicaid Program?

Iowa Medicaid is offering its Health Home program for Medicaid recipients with particular chronic diseases.

Members must have one chronic condition and be at risk for a second condition, such as high blood pressure, being overweight, having heart disease, having diabetes, having asthma, abusing drugs, or having mental health issues.

Who is eligible for the Iowa Medicaid Program?

Medicaid is a system of income-based health insurance. You must meet particular eligibility standards and a minimum income level to be eligible for Medicaid coverage. A few of these fundamental requirements are as follows:

  • A young person under 21
  • A parent who shares a home with a minor
  • An expectant mother
  • A female patient in need of therapy for cervical or breast cancer
  • An elderly individual (age 65 or older)
  • A person who meets the criteria for disability as defined by Social Security
  • A person aged 19 to 64 with an annual income of less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL)
  • A citizen of the United States and a resident of Iowa

You must fall under one of the following thresholds for household income (before taxes) to qualify:

Annual Household Income Limits (before taxes)

Household Size*Maximum Income Level (Per Year)

For households with more than eight members, add $6,277 per additional member.

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What are the Medicaid plans in Iowa?

The six special needs categories covered by the SSA program in Iowa are:

  1. Blind allowance
  2. Dependent person allowance
  3. Family life home assistance
  4. In-home health-related care assistance
  5. Residential care facility assistance
  6. Supplement for Medicare and Medicaid eligibles

What if a person’s income is too high to qualify for regular Medicaid benefits?

Iowa may give a Medicaid spend-down for elderly, blind, and disabled people who do not satisfy eligibility requirements if they need Medicaid coverage and their income is above the Medicaid income thresholds in the state. 

To be eligible for Iowa Medicaid, you can use this program to deduct a portion of your medical expenses from your income. 

You may qualify for a Medicaid spend-down if your medical costs substantially lower your usable payment.

A medically needy program or Medicaid’s Excess Income Program are other names for the spend-down program.

How do I contact Medicaid in Iowa?

You can contact Iowa Medicaid on the following number for any information.


Mailing Address:

1305 East Walnut Street

Des Moines, IA 50319-0114

What is covered by Iowa Medicaid?

Iowa Medicaid covers the following services

AmbulanceHospice Care
Ambulatory Surgical CentersHospital and Urgent Care
Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS)Labs and X-rays
Birth Control and Family PlanningLocal or Area Education Services
Case Management (Targeted)Maternity Care and Birth Center Services
Children’s ServicesEarly & Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT)Infant and Toddler ServicesMedical Equipment and Supplies
Chiropractic ServicesMental Health Services (Psychologists and Social Workers
Dental ServicesMidwife Services
Doctor VisitsNursing Home Services
Emergency Room CarePodiatry and Orthopedic Shoes
Eye Exams and EyeglassesPrescriptions and Over-the-Counter Drugs
Habilitation Services – Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)Therapy Services (Occupational, Physical, and Speech)
Hearing ServicesTobacco Cessation Services
Home Health CareTransportation ServicesNon-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)Other Transportation Services

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Can I have both Iowa Medicaid and Medicare?

Medicare and Medicaid are available to those 65 years old or older. If you are younger than 65, you can only receive Medicaid benefits if all other eligibility requirements are met.

Iowa Medicaid Waivers?

The Waiver Program in Iowa now includes seven HCBS Waivers, which offer service financing and tailored assistance to keep eligible members in their homes or communities when they would otherwise need to receive care in a hospital.

  1. Health and Disability (HD) Waiver
  2. AIDS/HIV (AH) Waiver
  3. Elderly (E) Waiver
  4. Intellectual Disability (ID) Waiver
  5. Brain Injury (BI) Waiver
  6. Physical Disability (PD) Waiver
  7. Children’s Mental Health (CMH) Waiver

Medicaid Eligibility

What is the highest income limit for Iowa Medicaid?

The highest income limit for Iowa Medicaid is approximately $17,130 for an individual. Roughly $23,169 for a family of two (or higher depending on family size).

What documents do I need to apply for Medicaid?

The following may be requested of you by your Medicaid office:

  • Evidence of birthdate (e.g., birth certificate)
  • Proof of legal residency or citizenship in the United States (e.g., passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, green card, employment authorization card)
  • Evidence of all revenue sources, both legitimate and illicit (e.g., paycheck stubs, retirement benefits, Supplemental Security Income)
  • Evidence of sources (e.g., bank or stock statements, life insurance policies, property)
  • Proof of residence (e.g., rent receipt, landlord statement, deed)
  • Any insurance cards, including the Medicare card (you can also provide a copy of the insurance policy)

What is the best Medicaid in Iowa?

The same services are provided to all plans in Iowa. No single ideal strategy exists for the whole state; citizens must select a plan that works best for their own county.

Whatever plan you select will get the same level of care and support.

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Where do I find the letter showing the reason(s) for denial or discontinuance from Iowa Medicaid?

You can check your Iowa Medicaid health information status by visiting  Appeal a DHS Decision | Iowa Department of Human Services and submitting this form

Where can I upload the documents for Iowa Medicaid?

Upload the documents through the Iowa Medicaid Portal Access (IMPA) System.

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