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Are you on the hunt for the ultimate, honest way to enjoy Free Food Delivered With No Money? This article is your treasure trove of information, packed with practical tips. In this article, you’ll discover a foolproof method that anyone may use to eat for free.

Even if you don’t have any money or access to the internet, we’ll teach you how to have a free dinner online. You’ll also be surprised to learn about some strategies for locating freebies that are unknown to the general public. So, let’s dive in and uncover the world of free food!

No Money Required Methods for Getting Free Food Delivered

Wanting something for nothing is not necessarily a bad thing. The harsh times won’t last forever, and some people aren’t starving to death. Some people might be saving up money for important goals or dealing with pressing matters. Remember, we shouldn’t exist just to eat, but we eat to stay alive. That’s why having a plan is essential.

Food is like the fuel for our bodies! Now is your chance to eat for free! You’ll be able to feed your body properly without breaking the bank.

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With No Money, How Can I Get Free Food Delivered?

Looking for tips on eating healthily without breaking the bank? We frequently seek out nutritious cuisine that does not break the bank. If you’re interested in finding out more about your possibilities for free food, here’s a quick primer.

The cost of eating out or having food delivered may rapidly pile up, and who doesn’t appreciate a monetary windfall? Not only will you save money on shipping costs, but you’ll also find some great offers here. Check out our top offers for your next online meal services order.


Source: DoorDash

Envision a place where you can get incredibly cheap, high-quality cuisine from all your favorite local restaurants. That’s precisely what DoorDash is designed to facilitate!

DoorDash offers new users a sweet deal of $7 off their first order of $10 or more when they sign up. Even if it’s not the biggest perk, it helps keep the price of your lunch down to a manageable few bucks.

It’s usual for DoorDash to provide free delivery on your first order. You will receive your order within 45 minutes, or your money back. That’s some serious commitment to speedy service!

What’s truly impressive is that DoorDash operates in many bustling cities, so you can enjoy their exceptional service and quick delivery times almost anywhere you go. With its stellar reputation, DoorDash is a top choice when you’re in need of a quick and tasty meal.

You can even join the DoorDash Meal Delivery Program and earn some extra cash by delivering food to hungry people in your neighborhood with the potential for tips!

Get the DoorDash app and your forays into the culinary world will get even more hassle-free. It’s your pass to an infinite variety of delicious foods.

Blue Apron

Source: Blue Apron

When it comes to delivering delicious and nutritious meals straight to your house, Blue Apron is the gold standard.

 They’ll utilize a specially constructed refrigerated box to keep your food at the optimum temperature and prevent spoilage even if you’re not home to receive the delivery.

Blue Apron has several meal plan options that are great for families and couples alike. You’ll need a subscription to participate in this foodie experience.

Get the $50 incentive and quit your membership after you’ve had the delicious food. If you’ve ever dreamed of having free meals delivered to your home, we strongly advise you to give Blue Apron a try. It’s the perfect way to kick off your cooking career!


Source: InstaCart

InstaCart is the best option if you need groceries delivered right to your door. They work together with neighborhood grocery stores. Whole Foods, Safeway, Costco, and QFC are just a few of the supermarkets that offer grocery delivery in Seattle.

If you sign up through my link, you’ll earn $10 credit and no shipping charge on your first order. But, the referral bonus is only $5, and there’s a cap at a maximum bonus of $25 from five different friends.

The best part about InstaCart is its speed. Most eateries will deliver food to your door for free within an hour. The most significant negative is that the prices are often 15% higher than in-store.

 Save it for when you’re super crunched for time or have some leftover account credit. Oh, and keep in mind that Blue Apron is offering free delivery for a limited time – another great option to consider.


Source: PlateJoy

PlateJoy is a fantastic choice for people with special diets. They create personalized meal plans for vegans, meat lovers, those following a ketogenic diet, or anyone who likes to craft their own meal plan.

What’s even more exciting is that PlateJoy works hard to cater to your unique dietary requirements. When you join and order your first meal, you’ll receive a $10 discount by using the promo code GET10. 

They’re also offering a $20 bonus to brand-new Instacart customers who sign up through PlateJoy. For added convenience, don’t forget to download their app. 


Source: Gobble

Gobble is not your typical meal service. Gobble saves you the cost of a personal chef by completing all the prep work and delivering ready-to-cook meals to your door. 

It may sound strange in comparison to the typical meal delivery service, but it’s actually a fantastic way to experiment with new recipes at your own pace or spend quality time with your loved ones in the kitchen.

The best thing is that Gobble gives new members $30 off their first order and offers free shipping. You won’t find a better deal than that anywhere else! Gobble’s convenient meal kits are created with your busy schedule in mind. They are so beautifully prepared that a nice supper may be made in about 15 minutes.

Gobble is the best option for you if you want to avoid the normal kitchen hassles but still like cooking. You get the satisfaction of cooking without the hassle of preparation.


Source: HelloFresh

HelloFresh isn’t just one of several meal delivery services; it’s one of the most popular and commonly used ones. HelloFresh is pleased to offer only the finest ingredients in its meals. You will definitely not be disappointed. Better still, you may check out a preview of their menu items on their website to see if anything sounds good to you in advance. 

Furthermore, these aren’t the typical recipes you’d find online. They are works created by the renowned chef Jamie Oliver himself. There are currently three tasty menu options available: Vegetarian, Classic, and Family. Please note that your subscription will begin with your first purchase and cannot be canceled. 

If you’re merely interested in giving it a try before taking a break, you can do so by canceling your subscription after making the initial payment. As a new member, you have the opportunity to send four food boxes to your loved ones at no cost. As the number of meals ordered grows, more will be sent gratis.

The cherry on top is that you can use a referral link to join your pals. If your friend makes their first purchase with the discount code HFNOW30 at checkout, they’ll save $30 and you’ll get a nice $20 referral bonus.

With a coupon, you can get a HelloFresh meal for as little as $4 or $5, down from the typical price of $9 or $10. They accept both cash and credit card payments using their mobile app.


Source: Caviar

Caviar, in contrast to HelloFresh, works by linking clients with nearby restaurants. Usually, orders are delivered within 40-60 minutes after being placed. You must place an order of at least $15 to spend your account credits.

Simply signing up for Caviar may net you $5, and introducing your friends could net you $15. The availability of Caviar is now limited to major cities like New York, Atlanta, and others. If you live in a small or medium-sized town, you might not be able to get delivery.


Source: Uber EATS

When it comes to ridesharing services, Uber is among the most well-known and popular options available today. Free food is at the center of a new initiative from the same firm that brought you the first idea. When someone signs up as a new member, they receive a $10 discount on their first meal with UberEATS.

To receive this bonus, the individual must enter a referral code. Using the code “eats-7yog9” would be greatly appreciated. This way, both the referrer and the new member receive $10 in credit.

UberEATS collaborates with numerous excellent local restaurants in the user’s vicinity. The ability to track the precise position of the ordered meal using the app is a notable function.

Furthermore, the same credentials can be used for both Uber and the Uber Eats app. When you sign up to deliver meals with UberEATS, you may choose your own hours.


Source: Munchery

Munchery stands out as one of the top food programs available. It has locations in the majority of major US cities and works with numerous eateries. Meals are reasonably priced, and new customers can get $20 off their next order by using a special coupon on their first one. 

The fact that Munchery’s menu is always evolving is a big draw for many customers. Munchery offers a wide selection of meals to choose from. The only catch is that you won’t get a free dinner right away; the credit will be applied to your account once you place your first order. 

This credit, however, allows you to effectively acquire a second meal for nothing, making Munchery one of the best food discounts available.


Source: NatureBox

People who are interested in having fresh, nutritious food delivered on a daily basis can subscribe to NatureBox. You may find healthy snack options that adhere to a variety of diets, including Paleo, vegan, low salt, and others.

If you’re a new customer, you can get 50% off your first order by joining up right now and using the discount code NEW50 during checkout. Many of the snack alternatives available through NatureBox are time-intensive to prepare on one’s own.

Customers can select delivery frequency (once weekly, once monthly, or daily) for their healthy snack supplies. NatureBox offers free shipping on all orders and refunds or exchanges if a customer isn’t happy with their purchase within 30 days.


Using, you can quickly and easily find and hire help for a variety of everyday tasks. These tasks include things like dry cleaning, supermarket delivery, and food delivery services from restaurants.

The first seven dollars you spend as a new member are completely on the house. This credit can only be used if you make a purchase totaling at least $15. When compared to the cost of groceries and other basic requirements, two dollars is a steal.

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are the only four U.S. locations where you can use at the moment, despite the site’s tremendous acclaim. You may still take advantage of the signup bonuses by signing up for these services no matter where you currently reside.


Source: Saucey

Saucey stands out from the rest on this list. It’s unique because it specializes in delivering alcohol exclusively. To receive a $10 bonus, individuals must register using the promo code “SAS.”

When you refer a friend to Saucey, you both receive a $10 bonus. However, there are some eligibility criteria to use this mobile app. Users must be at least 21 years old and located within one of Saucey’s service areas.

The prices you see on the app already include tax and delivery charges. A tip for the delivery person is appreciated but not required.

For the time being, Saucey only offers delivery to the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego; however, there are plans to begin serving Dallas as well.

The delivery time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour, with the average being 40 minutes. Saucey’s alcohol prices may appear high at first, but loyal customers can earn credits toward free beverages.


Source: SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is a food delivery service that teams up with local restaurants. The company’s headquarters is in Canada, and it’s swiftly extending its reach to major cities in the United States like Colombia and Cleveland.

When someone signs up using a referral link, they receive a $7 bonus. Additionally, they will receive $7 in credit for every friend they suggest. This reimbursement, however, will normally only apply to the delivery and service price. 

To enjoy a free meal, one might need to refer several friends. Even if SkipTheDishes hasn’t reached your city yet, it’s still a good idea to sign up, especially when they’re offering new member bonuses. Their rapid expansion makes them an exciting option.


Source: Atkins

When someone signs up for the Atkins, they receive a kit filled with useful resources to kickstart their diet journey. This includes a handy mobile app and various diet tools that make it easy to monitor their weight loss goals. 

In addition, they will have access to a variety of low-carb meal plans, recipes, and Atkins-friendly food selections. Plus, take $5 off your total right now if you buy any Atkins diet products.

 Here’s your chance to give the low-carb, high-protein diet a shot with lots of support and a little outlay of cash.


Source: GrubHub

Like many of the other services above, GrubHub works with neighborhood eateries to deliver tasty meals straight to your house. However, there’s a noteworthy difference – they also offer a pickup option. The prices for pickup match the same as what you’d pay in the restaurant.

This pickup option can be a handy way to check out menu prices before heading to the restaurant in person. It’s a smart way to avoid delivery fees while still using your free account credit.

When you sign up through a referral link, you’ll score a fantastic $7 off your initial order, as long as it’s $15 or more. Plus, each time you refer a friend, you’ll pocket another $7. The only downside is that there’s a limit of 20 friends.

So, the maximum you can rack up in credits through referrals is a cool $140. In the industry, GrubHub has been active for a long time. As a result, if you happen to be in a sizable metropolis, you won’t have to go far to find some delicious food.

Other Options for Obtaining Cheap or Free Food

Get Free Samples

The simplest method for obtaining complimentary meals involves becoming a member of a free test group. Companies seek feedback on their new products and offer free product trials in return. To stay informed about their newest innovations and enjoy free food, one must become part of the discussion. 

Platforms like Vocalpoint and SheSpeaks offer opportunities for participation. Brands that send free samples to their subscribers include Betty Crocker, Kraft Recipes, and Pillsbury.

Use Coupons

People no longer need to purchase paper and print tiny coupons to enjoy food at the grocery store. Thanks to the iPhone, one can now easily snag as many free meals as desired!

Certain deals may ask for the purchase of specific items to get food for free, but this is quite common. When one signs up for a restaurant’s newsletter, they are almost guaranteed a fantastic deal. 

And the good news keeps on coming. Typical discounts when you join a newsletter often involve buying an appetizer or getting a matching appetizer for free from food delivery apps.

Whole Foods Market Is Offering Free Delivery To Amazon Prime Members

Customers who have a Prime membership and make a minimum purchase of $35 can enjoy free 2-hour or 1-hour delivery at Whole Foods. To place your order, visit the website. If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, you can start a trial today. Additionally, Amazon Prime customers can get free shipping for groceries on as an extra benefit.

Bonus – Cashback Apps

As a bonus, a cashback app offers lower prices and occasionally, even free food. Users will need to spend a good amount of money, but they’ll also receive fantastic offers on their purchases.

Ibotta and Fetch Rewards also give out coupons for free meals, which can be quite useful for saving money on food. These free rewards from Ibotta and Fetch Rewards are easy to obtain, and users can combine them to enjoy even more significant rewards.

Take Home Leftovers

They don’t get free meals, but they sure deserve a fair spot at the table. Restaurants can charge quite a lot for their food, but it’s usually enough for two people. When someone goes to a restaurant, it’s a good idea to share the dishes. 

This way, there’s no need to feel guilty about eating leftovers the next day. If you have extra pizza when you’re with friends or family, it’s a smart move to ask the person you’re staying with to bring it back. Otherwise, it might just end up in the trash if no one takes it.

For Those In Need, Free Food Delivery Is Available With No Money

In their community, they wonder if any food programs aren’t there. In many towns, some places provide food to people who need it. They can check with the local food pantries if they need food delivered.

In Los Angeles, there aren’t too many places like this. To find out more, they can look at the list below. If they have family members, they can also reach out to nokidhungry for information about upcoming programs at

Homebound Seniors and Others Can Receive Delivered Meals

Individuals can get free groceries at Meals on Wheels. When people visit, they not only enjoy delicious meals but also receive a warm welcome and someone to check in on them.

Meals on Wheels is available in many towns across the country. To find out if it’s in your area, visit if you’re a resident.

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They aimed to offer a comprehensive guide to obtaining restaurants offer free food deliveries without spending money. The goal was to be of food assistance to the readers. These methods are entirely lawful and can be shared with friends facing financial difficulties. Sharing on social media can help more individuals discover how to access free food online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get free food without money?

Individuals have the opportunity to obtain food without spending money. All that’s required is a bit of creativity in their approach. By visiting a nearby food bank a few days in advance, they can access free meals without any limitations. In addition to utilizing food banks, there are alternative options to secure a free meal, both online and in person.

How do you find free food online with no money on DoorDash?

Some DoorDash restaurants offer complimentary deliveries to their customers. While the official DoorDash website may not provide discounts, you can send free delivery orders to your friends or utilize restaurant gift cards for payment.

 How to enter a code on DoorDash?

When someone enters promotional coupons into the “Enter Promo Code” box on the Checkout page, they can redeem them. Remember, though, that promo codes are sensitive to uppercase and lowercase letters, so type them in correctly.

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