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Buying a new iPhone can be a pricey endeavor, but there’s good news for potential buyers. Verizon is currently running a promotion that allows individuals to snag a free Apple iPhone by following some straightforward steps. Even though it may not be the latest smartphone on the market, the iPhone still stands out as one of the top choices in Apple devices. Verizon Free iPhone!

However, the longevity of an iPhone in the market presents both advantages and challenges. On the positive side, it maintains its swift performance, enduring battery life, and robust set of features. On the flip side, it retains its steep price tag. For those willing to go through the carrier route and navigate a few obstacles, it’s feasible to acquire an iPhone at a significantly lower cost.

Verizon, in particular, is currently offering a compelling online only deal. By visiting their website, you’ll discover several promotions, one of which enables you to secure a brand-new iPhone without spending a dime. 

Yes, you read that right – for free. Of course, there are a few prerequisites, and you’ll need to commit to being a Verizon customer for a specified period. But, assuming you meet all the conditions, you could find yourself walking away with a free iPhone.

Verizon Free iPhone!

All You Need To Know About Free Phones From Verizon

Verizon phone deals are currently at their peak, offering a fantastic array of options. Whether one desires a top-tier Apple flagship or is on the lookout for one of the best budget-friendly phones, Verizon has enticing promotions, complimentary items, and attractive trade-in programs to explore this month.

However, it’s worth noting that while Verizon boasts a premium brand with abundant offerings, it might not always be the most budget-friendly carrier. Despite being on the pricier side, the carrier stands out as one of the best phone carriers in the US, and there are compelling reasons for this distinction. 

Not only does Verizon excel in providing top-notch cell phone plans, but it also holds the highest customer service rating and consistently emerges as the fastest network in various speed tests.

Verizon covers all the essential handsets that users might be eyeing, including the iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S series, and numerous other popular devices.

For those on the hunt for the best deals, whether as new subscribers, current customers, or individuals looking to switch networks, Verizon has solid discounts available. From enticing iPhone deals to various offers, here are the current top Verizon phone deals waiting to be seized.

Is Verizon A Good Carrier For Phone Deals?

Verizon’s standing in the telecommunications landscape can be attributed to a few crucial factors, with speed and coverage playing pivotal roles. In various LTE speed tests, Verizon consistently emerges as the top performer. The reach of its 5G network extends to over 70 cities, delivering impressive download speeds exceeding 1Gbps.

The combination of Verizon’s expanding 5G service and its extensive LTE network results in comprehensive coverage. While Verizon’s overall 5G speeds may not surpass those of its competitors, particularly Ultra Wideband, the carrier maintains strong performance across its network.

It’s important to note that Verizon’s services come at a premium, making it one of the pricier options in the market. Those seeking more budget-friendly alternatives may find lower prices with carriers like T-Mobile or possibly even AT&T. Nevertheless, the high performance offered by Verizon compensates for its relatively higher cost.

What Kind Of Promotions Does Verizon Offer?

Trade-in scheme

Verizon presents a variety of enticing phone deals, with a standout offer being its trade-in program. Customers stand to benefit from substantial savings of up to $800 when they trade in many of the phones available through Verizon.

It’s worth noting that the maximum trade-in value of $700 is typically reserved for newer, more expensive devices. However, even if you’re trading in a more budget-friendly handset, you can still enjoy a significant reduction in the price of your new device.

In a recent update, Verizon expanded its trade-in program to include old or damaged phones, as long as they are free from battery damage. While the trade-in value for such devices may not be as high, it’s a welcome option for those who have a damaged phone and are looking to make a switch.


For individuals who are already Verizon customers, there’s an exciting opportunity for an upgrade. Once you log in, you’ll discover a variety of substantial discounts available on numerous smartphones. 

It’s essential to note that these discounts are specifically tied to unlimited plans. Verizon doesn’t consistently provide this level of discount, so it’s definitely worthwhile to check for these savings when you decide to upgrade.

Free Plans

On various budget-friendly devices such as the iPhone SE or Moto G Stylus, one can frequently snag the phone at no cost. To avail of this offer, individuals need to subscribe to an unlimited plan, and the “free” aspect is reflected through monthly bill credits. This promotion proves to be an excellent opportunity for those considering a budget-friendly smartphone investment.

How To Get A Free iPhone From Verizon?

To get started with the free iPhone offer from Verizon, individuals will first need to purchase an iPhone along with one of Verizon’s Unlimited plans, such as Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, or Get More Unlimited. This fantastic deal is available to both new and existing customers. 

For those new to Verizon, simply adding a new line with the new iPhone is all that’s required. Existing customers can either add a new line or upgrade an existing one to qualify. Once those steps are in order, the next move is to trade in an old smartphone within 30 days of purchasing the new iPhone. 

Verizon is quite generous in determining eligibility for the full credit that makes the iPhone free. If you’re trading in an old iPhone, models like iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, and even iPhone X qualify for the full credit. For those with old Android devices, full credit is provided for devices like Galaxy S, Pixel, OnePlus, and more.

If everything so far sounds good, the remaining steps are straightforward. Choose your phone, send it to Verizon, and start receiving monthly bill credits that offset the iPhone’s cost. It’s important to note that these bill credits are spread over 36 months. 

If someone decides to leave Verizon before completing the 36 months, the credits will stop, and they’ll need to pay the remaining amount owed for the iPhone. 

While there are some steps involved, especially with the bill credits spanning 36 months, this promotion is hard to resist for those already on Verizon or contemplating a switch. Adding or upgrading a line, trading in an old phone, and voila, you’re on your way to securing a free Apple iPhone.

A few Things You Need To Know Before Getting A free iPhone From Verizon

  • Verizon provides a trade-in option allowing individuals to exchange their old phones for a discount on a brand-new iPhone. 
  • For those joining Verizon as new customers, they have the opportunity to register for a contract and get a complimentary iPhone. 
  • Current Verizon customers can also snag a free iPhone by simply adding a new line to their existing account.

The best Verizon deals available today

  • The Apple iPhone 15 Pro offers an exciting deal: trade in any old iPhone and enjoy a generous $1,000 discount. 
  • Plus, for every purchase of the iPhone 15, customers will receive a complimentary Apple TV 4K.
  • Grab the iPhone 14 Pro Max for free, with no trade-in required.
  • If you opt for the Apple iPhone 14 Plus, you can score four devices with a plan priced at just $120 per month. Thinking of making the switch? Bring your own phone and receive a $500 gift card with a number port-in.
  • For those considering Verizon 5G Home internet, there’s an added perk: a complimentary soundbar or a $200 Home Depot gift card. 

iPhone Deals

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Special Offer Alert: Get a trade-in discount of up to $1,000, plus enjoy $280 off on an iPad and Apple Watch Series!

Verizon has kicked off the holiday season with an exciting early Black Friday deal on the impressive iPhone 15 Pro. The carrier is reintroducing the fantastic trade-in rebate, reminiscent of the initial preorders phase. 

This means you can trade in any iPhone, regardless of its condition, and receive a generous discount of up to $1,000. To unlock this offer, all you need is to add a new line to an eligible unlimited data plan. 

This deal is available to both existing and new customers, but for maximum savings, make sure to opt for the Ultimate Unlimited plan (although other plans still qualify for smaller discounts).

Apple iPhone 15 series

Special Offer Alert: Get a free Apple TV 4K and 6 months of Apple One with a device at Verizon

With every purchase of an iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max, or any other device in the range, customers can enjoy a complimentary Apple TV 4K and a generous six-month subscription to Apple One.

What makes this offer even more appealing is that it can be combined with other ongoing promotions, including trade-ins and special deals. For instance, if you’re eyeing the iPhone 15 Pro, there’s currently an outstanding rebate available.

Not only can you snag the latest iPhone with its cutting-edge features, but you’ll also receive a free Apple TV 4K and six months of Apple One to enhance your entertainment and productivity experience. 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Special Offer Alert: With the current unlimited data plan, individuals can snag a remarkable deal on the iPhone 14 Pro Max at Verizon. 

Surprisingly, this offer doesn’t require the usual trade-in, making it quite a generous deal. It’s important to note that this free iPhone is linked to a new unlimited data line, so those looking to upgrade may find better value elsewhere, especially if considering the latest iPhone 15 models with trade-ins.

Alongside the iPhone 14 Pro Max, customers have the opportunity to save an additional $280 on an iPad. Moreover, there’s an enticing option to bundle in an Apple Watch SE for just $5 per month. 

Apple iPhone 14 Plus

Special Offer Alert: Grab a fantastic deal on four devices with unlimited data for just $120 per month!

Ideal for families, Verizon’s newest offer includes four iPhone 14 Plus smartphones at an unbeatable price of only $40 each. What makes this deal even better is that it comes with a line on their basic ‘Unlimited Welcome’ plan, providing you with ample data for your needs.

This offer stands out as a remarkable opportunity to save big. Previously, getting an iPhone 14 Plus with a single line would have set you back nearly $100. With this promotion, you not only get four devices but also enjoy substantial savings. 


In conclusion, the Verizon Free iPhone offer provides a fantastic opportunity for users to elevate their mobile experience without breaking the bank. The promotion not only delivers a premium device but also ensures that customers can enjoy top-notch connectivity and cutting-edge features without compromise. 

By taking advantage of this offer, individuals can seamlessly integrate the latest technology into their daily lives, all while benefiting from Verizon’s reliable network. It’s a win-win, offering simplicity, information, and engagement that empowers users to stay connected in style. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to get a free phone from Verizon?

Verizon offers a range of free cell phones for customers to choose from. When exploring their phone promotions, individuals can discover Samsung phones, including specific Galaxy models, available on the Verizon network.

Is there any other way to get a free iPhone?

The idea of a free iPhone is just a myth, despite what phone carriers want people to think. In recent weeks, AT&T and T-Mobile have flooded their websites, billboards, and stores with advertisements claiming that you can “get the iPhone 15 Pro, on them.” However, it’s essential to remember that there’s always a catch when it comes to such offers.

How do I get a new phone from Verizon?

Navigate to the Device overview within My Verizon. When the user finds their device, simply tap on “Upgrade now” and then follow the prompts to select a new device and any optional accessories. There will be choices to either stick with the current plan or venture into exploring a new one.

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