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Get Free iPhone with Food Stamps!

While monthly wireless services and phone costs have decreased over time, many individuals still find it challenging to afford them. Those facing unemployment or low income often struggle to cover the expenses associated with their phones and free monthly wireless services plans. 

This situation is challenging, but having a phone is essential for staying connected with family, friends, work, and emergency services. Did you know that there are opportunities to potentially acquire an iPhone without any financial burden by utilizing Food Stamps?

Across the board, the U.S. government assistance programs enthusiastically embrace the value of cutting-edge forms of communication. The FCC’s Lifeline program, established in 1980, has been instrumental in providing affordable telephone service to low-income families.

We are excited to explore your alternatives to the iPhone and share valuable tips on maximizing discounts and special offers.  

Is Getting a Free iPhone Through The Food Stamps Program Possible?

Lifeline funding requires participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps. In the United States, the Lifeline program makes it possible for those who qualify for the SNAP to also receive a free or heavily discounted cell phone and cellular service.

Different Lifeline providers have various offers. Some may provide discounted services only, while others might offer free or reduced-cost mobile phones to those who meet the Lifeline requirements. The specific device you receive will be determined by the Lifeline provider you choose.

These free or cheap service providers typically supply mid-range Android cell phones. Though some Lifeline service providers do offer iPhones, this may not be the case in all states.

To sum up, the answer is yes, an iPhone may be obtained for free using SNAP. Some Lifeline providers do include iPhones in their packages for those who qualify through the Food Stamp program.

Eligibility Requirements For A Free iPhone With Food Stamps

SNAP, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, eligibility requirements are set by federal law.

A household’s monthly gross income cannot be more than 130% of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify. It’s worth noting that the poverty threshold is not uniform across all family sizes. After accounting for necessary deductions, the net income of the household in question must likewise fall below the poverty level. 

Different limits apply to households with and without older people in terms of the overall value of their assets. You shouldn’t have more than $2,500 in assets if you live with an elderly person, and $3,750 if you don’t.

Nonetheless, there are certain categories of people who are automatically ineligible for SNAP, regardless of their income or assets. These include:

  • People affected by labor strikes.
  • Unauthorized immigrants.
  • Students who attend college for more than half of their time.
  • Some legal immigrants.

Unemployed people who do not have dependent children and who do not have a disability are also ineligible for SNAP assistance. This limitation is in place because, absent special circumstances, most states only allow people to receive SNAP assistance for a maximum of three years.

Sources For Getting A Free iPhone With Food Stamps

Getting a free iPhone using food stamps is possible in a few simple ways. Find out how below:

Through the Lifeline Program: The federal government’s Lifeline program provides low-income citizens with free or heavily subsidized cell phone service. Check your federal public housing assistance and utility commission or the Lifeline website to see whether you qualify.

Via SNAP: SNAP is a food assistance program for people with low incomes. The Apple iPhone can be purchased using SNAP benefits at some stores.

Product Testing Programs: You can also snag a free iPhone by taking part in product testing programs offered by companies like Apple. These programs usually involve trying out new products and giving your thoughts. If this sounds appealing, you can get in touch with Apple directly or look online for more chances to participate.

Providers That Offers Free iPhones With Food Stamps

NewPhone Wireless

NewPhone Wireless is famous for its awesome no-contract plans and they’re giving away free cell phones to eligible people! Just visit their website and pop in your zip code. If you cut, you’ll have the sweet option to pick from a range of free phones, and yes, that includes the cool iPhone 6s!

AirVoice Wireless

AirVoice Wireless is your local phone provider, covering Texas and Oklahoma with their reliable service. In addition to participating in the Lifeline program, they offer cheap, unlimited rates. AirVoiceWireless will give you a fresh new cell phone for free if you qualify! Visiting their website and entering your zip code is all that’s required. 

Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless is another regional carrier that provides service in Texas and Oklahoma. They offer several unlimited plans, starting at just $35/month. And like SFone Wireless, Cintex also participates in the Lifeline program.

That means eligible customers can get a free cell phone from Cintex Wireless. Visit their website to see if you qualify and enter your zip code.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless, one of the country’s leading phone companies, provides customers with a wide range of affordable plan options. Assurance Wireless is collaborating with them to offer the Lifeline service to individuals who qualify.

In addition, if you qualify for Assurance Wireless, Verizon will provide you with free smartphones. Visit their website and enter your zip code to find out whether you are eligible and for more details. 


TruConnect is the no-strings-attached wireless company serving folks in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Wisconsin. They’ve got fantastic plans that kick off at just $5 per month. TruConnect is all about helping out through the Lifeline program.

If you qualify, you could snag a free cell phone from TruConnect via the Lifeline program. To see if you’re eligible and check if your area is covered, hop onto their website and pop in your zip code. 

SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink is your go-to choice for wireless service across all 50 states. No contracts are needed. They’ve got some amazing plans that begin at an incredible $0 per month.

SafeLink is part of the Lifeline program. That’s a fantastic deal for those who qualify. SafeLink will provide you with a free cell phone if you qualify. 

Simply enter your zip code on their website to see whether you are eligible for a free phone. 

ReachOut Wireless

ReachOut Wireless is a nationwide wireless provider without any contracts. The cheapest of their monthly plans starts at just $10, and they cover all 50 states. The ReachOut service is a component of the Lifeline service.

If you qualify, you can get a free cell phone from ReachOut Wireless thanks to their partnership with Lifeline. To see if you qualify, visit their website and input your zip code.

QLink Wireless

Meet QLink – your go-to nationwide phone service, no strings attached! All 50 states, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are included. The good news is that we have affordable plans starting at just $15 per month. 

It also provides friends through the Lifeline service. If you qualify, you’re in for a treat – a brand-new iPhone, absolutely free, thanks to the QLink Wireless Program.

Get A Carrier Deal For A Free iPhone

In one of the simplest methods to score a free iPhone, individuals can explore carrier cell phone offers and promotions. Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint often release tempting offers for devices like the iPhone and Android.

These carrier bargains may make phones more affordable, but they don’t give them away for free. Instead, they provide you with the iPhone on a kind of loan basis, requiring you to commit to a 24-month (or sometimes longer) contract. 

This means you get the iPhone upfront, but you’re responsible for paying it off in manageable monthly installments over the agreed period. If you’re unable to afford the full phone price upfront but can handle the lower monthly payments, this option could be a great fit. 

The only initial payment you typically need to make is a modest activation fee, usually around $30 to $50. It’s worth noting that during promotional periods, some carriers may even waive this fee. Nevertheless, before you dive in, make sure you can comfortably cover both the monthly installments and the chosen phone plan.

Another perk offered by carrier companies are “buy one, get one free” promotion. If you have a friend or family member also in the market for a new phone, you can team up and capitalize on this deal. Both of you signing up can lead to reduced fees and a better overall package.

How To Apply For Getting A Free iPhone With Food Stamps?

Get Started

To get started, one must begin by locating the website of the service provider they plan to apply with for a free iPhone using food stamps. Additionally, consider exploring other alternatives such as obtaining a free tablet through Medicaid.

Choose An Application Process

There are two options for applying: online and via regular mail. If applying via postal mail, please print out the application and fill it out completely, including the signature and date sections.

Provide Personal Information

On the other hand, the online application process is a quicker way to get your hands on an iPhone. To accomplish this, individuals need to provide information about themselves, including their name, date of birth, and social security number (SSN), among other pieces of data.

Provide Required Documents

If someone is a food stamp recipient, they must also provide the documents that the service provider needs. These documents include proof of income and identity.

Submit Your Application

The supplier will get in touch with the applicant via email or regular mail after the application has been submitted to verify receipt. Their request has been submitted and is now being reviewed, as shown by this message. Depending on the company, the time required to conduct an assessment might vary from a few days to many months.

Wait For A Response

After an individual’s application for food stamps has been reviewed and approved, they will be told by email or mail that they are qualified to receive a free iPhone. In addition, customers will be given uncomplicated and obvious guidance on how to complete the remaining requirements and receive their new equipment.


We hope you found the guide to get a free iPhone using food stamps to be useful. With the correct knowledge and tools, it becomes simple to access reduced-cost phone services without depending on income or government assistance program aid.

People are advised to look into local businesses that provide discounts for individuals with limited incomes and utilize online comparison tools like Whistle Out to secure the most suitable deal for their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program require a contract or commitment to participate?

Participating in the free iPhone program doesn’t demand any contracts or commitments. It’s entirely free and comes with no extra obligations.

What is the cost of the iPhone under this program?

It’s important to note that qualifying participants in the program can acquire an iPhone for free, however, the exact cost depends on the model chosen. There are no commitments or monthly costs involved.

What to Expect After Applying for the Free iPhones Program?

When someone applies for the completely free iPhone program, they’ll need to share their contact details and some basic background information. Afterward, they’ll receive a list of available phones to pick from. Once a choice is made, they’ll be requested to provide their mailing address to receive the new iPhone.

Can I upgrade my free iPhone to a newer model through this program?

The free iPhone program does not provide upgrades for older models. To get an upgraded phone, one has to buy a newer model from an authorized retailer. 

How long does it take to receive my iPhone?

Within two to three weeks of an approved application, the buyer will receive their iPhone.

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