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Willard Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician. 

He has served as a junior U.S. Senator from Utah since 2019. He was born in Michigan on March 12th, 1947. He went to public elementary schools till seventh grade. Then he went to Cranbrook School,  a private school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Romney participated in his father’s campaign in 1962 and later worked as an intern in the governor’s office. He took up residence in Cranbrook when his father spent most of his time at the state capitol. He helped manage the ice hockey team there and joined a prep squad. 

He went to Stanford University in 1965. 

Senator Mitt Romney Career

Romney started his career at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) after getting his Harvard MBA degree. He also passed the Michigan bar exam but decided to pursue a career in business. He later joined Bain & Company in 1977 and was promoted to vice president in 1978 

Romney considered entering politics in 1983 and challenged the incumbent Ted Kennedy. Romney won the 1994 Republican party convention with 68% of the vote. Romney and Kennedy had a great fight in the general elections. Romney lost to Kennedy in 1994.

Senator Mitt Romney Accomplishments

(Mitt Romney Admits He Operates Secret ‘Pierre Delecto’ Twitter Account. Source: Forbes)

Sen. Romney led the Salt lake organizing committee in 2002 for the winter Olympics. He helped turn struggling games into Utah’s success story with just a team of volunteers and managers.

Senator Mitt Romney Criticisms

Romney was criticized during the South Carolina Republican primary for causing job losses while at Bain Capital. 

Sen. Romney was criticized by Palestinians in 2012 for suggesting that Israel was led to economic success because of their culture. 

Senator Mitt Romney Net Worth

According to Incomepedia, Senator Mitt Romney net worth is estimated at about $500 million.

Final Thoughts

(Georgia senator says Romney is trying to ‘appease the left’ with comments on Bolton’s testimony. Source: Bostonglobe)

Sen. Romney has worked a lot for Utahns especially in the healthcare sector. He has gained some respect for his work among the elderly. Romney is seeking to help lower down federal deficits that would help in economic growth. We are yet to see more of him in this space. 


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