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(‘I Don’t Think He Was Correct,’ Sen. Angus King Says Of Barr’s Obstruction Conclusion. Source: Wbur)

Senator Angus King Jr. Is an American lawyer and politician. He has been serving as a junior US Senator from Maine since 2013. He also served as the Governor of Maine from 1995 to 2003.

King was born in Alexandria, Virginia, on March 31, 1944. He enrolled in Dartmouth College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1966. He furthered and earned his law degree at the University of Virginia School of Law in 1969.

After his law degree, he worked as a staff attorney for Pine Tree, a legal assistance agency in Skowhegan. In 1972, he became the chief legal counsel to the US Senate Subcommittee on Alcoholism and Narcotics in Washington. He also served as the legal assistant for Senator William Hathaway.

After surviving malignant cancer, King returned to Maine in 1975. There, he worked with a private law firm in Brunswick.

In 1983, Senator Angus King was employed as an executive and counsel to Swift River/Hafslund Company. In 1989, he founded Northeast Energy Management Inc., which fostered electrical energy conservation projects. But, he sold the company in 1994.

Senator Angus King Career

(Biden considers Angus King for top intelligence post. Source: Politico)

In 1994, King started his political career with a bid to run as the governor of Maine. Formerly affiliated with the Democratic Party, he announced his desire to run for the seat as an Independent. 

He won the election with 35%, compared to former Governor Brennan’s 34%. He was reelected again and served till 2003. 

In 2012, King announced his intention to run for a seat in the US Senate. This was after Senator Olympia Snowe vacated her seat. King won and assumed office in 2013. He was Maine’s first Independent US Senator. He won again in 2018.

Senator  Angus King Accomplishments

(Nobody in Maine Asked Angus King for a Lecture on Bipartisanship. Source: Themainewire)

In his time in the US Senate, Senator Angus King worked hard to strengthen state and national security. He also conducted critical thinking oversight in his state and nation’s intelligence community. 

He has supported, sponsored, and cosponsored many economic reform bills that fostered a commonsense budget. He also worked to reduce the national budget, revitalize agriculture and empowerment. He has also worked on several tax reform bills and acts. 

He also voted for the increment of minimum wages.

He was a strong advocate of improved access to affordable and quality healthcare. He supported the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He also worked against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He is also a supporter of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Yet, he is a pro-abortion advocate.

King’s administration fostered environmental and climate reform, access to clean energy, and support of veterans. In response to climate change denialists, King supported actions to combat climate change. 

To improve environmental quality, he opposed the drilling of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge due to its dangers. 

He was one of the senators who voted against the Farm Bill’s amendment that would encourage sales of legal agricultural produce.

Senator Angus King Criticisms

In 2021, Senator King and Chuck Grassley’s donor-advised fund bill was met with criticism. 

The Don’t-advised funds, DAFs allow rich philanthropists to donate to charity. Yet, the DAFs have no deadline for distributing donations to the needy, fueling up criticisms about the bill. Meanwhile, much of the donated funds ended up sitting in the account.

Senator King was part of the Senators that voted for the conviction of President Trump for his scandal with Ukraine and abuse of power.

Senator  Angus King Net Worth

According to Incomepedia, Senator Angus King net worth is estimated at about $9.2 million.

Final Thoughts

(Angus King celebrates the addition of lobster emoji. Source: Thehill)

King has achieved significant legislative landmarks during his political career. 

Described as a moderate Independent, King has been a thoughtful and hardworking representative of his people. 

He is also a proven consensus builder whose hard work has led to the reform and development of several sectors in Maine. But, like most Democratic senators, he convicted former President Trump for abuse of power.


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