71 Maryland Facts and Weird Laws

Maryland Facts

Maryland is called “America in miniature” because of its 12,407 square miles of land and water. You can find every natural feature in Maryland except a desert. Maryland officially became a state of the U.S. on April 28, 1788 Maryland is home to a variety of ethnic groups. The state is also named the “Old … Read more

86 Rhode Island Facts and Weird Laws

Rhode Island Facts

Rhode Island is also a great place to raise a family.  The state has beautiful beaches, a thriving economy, and a great education system.  The state has low taxes, excellent schools, and plenty of activities for kids. Providence, Rhode Island’s capital and largest city, is the second-most populous city in New England after Boston. Despite … Read more

93 Ohio Facts And Weird Laws

Ohio Facts

The 7th most populous state in the United States of America, Ohio, is located in the Midwest region of the United. Ohio is the birthplace of seven Presidents and the mother of Aviation. Besides its rich history, beautiful attractions dot the state to give tourists a fun-filled adventure.  You can explore the Amish culture, go … Read more

95 Pennsylvania Facts And Weird Laws

Pennsylvania Facts

Pennsylvania is one of the founding states in United States history.  The Keystone State was key in building the United States.  Many historical events took place here, including drafting the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and even the Gettysburg Address. Other than that, tourists can visit the various landmarks in the state. The battle … Read more

77 Mississippi Facts And Weird Laws

Mississippi Facts

Did you know how many people visited Mississippi in 2021 despite the in the middle of the COVID pandemic?  Nearly 21 million people.  Why is so fascinating about Mississippi? This southern state is home to historical sites that will take you back to the days of the Civil War. Vicksburg National Military Park, for instance, … Read more

89 Louisiana Facts And Weird Laws 

Louisiana Facts

Crescent City, popularly known as New Orleans, is one of the best places people visit to feel the Creole culture.  While New Orleans is packed with fun activities and attractive sites you can visit, it represents just a tip of what you can do in the state.  Have you ever heard of a city with … Read more

89 Alabama Facts And Weird Laws 

Alabama Facts

Travel and Tourism generate over $800 million in taxes for Alabama. This southeastern US state offers you several attractions and exciting activities. You can learn more about the Civil Rights Movement at the sixteenth street Baptist Church, National Memorial for Peace and Justice, or Montgomery’s Civil Rights Movement.  Alabama is dotted with exceptional architecture and … Read more

85 Maine Facts And Weird Laws

Maine Facts

Think of a northernmost state spotted with fishing harbors, lighthouses, windjammers, beautiful waves, and colorful boats.  The state of Maine matches these iconic images. The good thing about Maine is that it never disappoints. Maine boasts beautiful woods, art heritage, outdoor activities, museums, natural wonders, and historical attractions that will give you a wide range … Read more

72 Kentucky Facts And Weird Laws

Kentucky Facts

Other than the famous Kentucky Derby, Kentucky is the birthplace of the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Nicknamed the Bluegrass state, Kentucky has a rich historical culture and offers everyone a wide range of attractions. The stunning caves and hot springs that dot this state makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the US.  … Read more

82 Florida Facts And Weird Laws

Florida Facts

Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. The state is home to unique attractions, including theme parks, beaches, and national parks. Miami and other coastal cities are top spots for sunseekers. While you are in Florida, you may want to take your children to the children-friendly amusement parks in Orlando.  … Read more