78 Georgia Facts and Weird Laws

Georgia Facts

What’s Georgia famous for?  Located in the Southeastern United States, Georgia is a tourist hot spot. This state boasts the largest aquarium globally, a beautiful mountain landscape, and marvelous beaches. Georgia’s historic sites take you back to when horse chariots were the mode of transportation.   These historic sites offer you the opportunity to learn all … Read more

73 Delaware Facts and Wired Laws

Delaware Facts

Delaware attained statehood on December 7, 1787. It became the first state to join the Union. Delaware has many nicknames, The First State, The Blue Hen State, The small Wonder State, and The Diamond State.  Corporate law is a major part of Delaware’s appeal as a corporate haven. Delaware is however much more than just … Read more

91 Connecticut Facts And Weird Laws

Connecticut Facts

Connecticut occupies the southernmost region of New England. Known as the Constitution State, Connecticut was key to forming the United States.  Connecticut’s museums are rich in United States history and the state’s cultural heritage. Whether you want to explore the scenic lakes, crashing waterfalls, or lush forests, Connecticut has everything you may need. Learn more … Read more

75 Arkansas Facts and Weird Laws

Arkansas Facts

What is Arkansas known for? As the only state with an open Diamond mine in the United States, this southern state is indeed a unique place to visit. Other than poultry farms, you’ll enjoy the lush Ozark landscape or visit the William J. Presidential Library to have a feel of the oval office. Arkansas is … Read more

67 Alaska Facts and Weird Laws

Alaska Facts

When people think of Alaska, their first thoughts are of ice, running away from bears and the wilderness. Alaska is a state of wonders that offers the most breathtaking scenery. It’s the largest in the area and the least densely populated, with just over one person per square mile.  Alaska is an attractive place for … Read more

79 Hawaii Facts and Weird Laws

Hawaii Facts

Hawaii is one of the 50 states of the United States. Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States on August 21, 1959. It is the only state in the tropics that is not in North America and is an island nation. Hawaii is one of four US states that were once sovereign nations, … Read more

86 Indiana Facts and Weird Laws

Indiana Facts

The Hoosier State is rich in history, culture, and educational escapes. Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Bloomington are cities you can visit other than Indianapolis–the state’s capital– to explore the state. Even though the famous Indianapolis 500 takes place in May every year, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum on site is open throughout the year. Today, … Read more