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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is an American politician and lawyer. He has been serving as a junior U.S. Senator from Rhode Island under the Democrats since 2007. He was formerly a U.S. Attorney from 1993 to 1993. He also served as the 71st Attorney General from 1999 to 2003. 

Whitehouse was born in New York City, New York, on October 20, 1955. He graduated from St. Paul School in New Hampshire. He enrolled at Yale University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 1978. He furthered and earned his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1982.

After his J.D., he worked as a clerk at the Supreme Court of West Virginia till 1983. He then moved to Rhode Island, where he was appointed as a special assistant attorney general in 1984. He also served as the chief of the Regulatory Unit in the Attorney General’s office till 1990. 

In 1991, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse worked in the executive administration of Governor Sundlum. He served as a legal counsel and later the Director of Policy in 1992. He also served as the director of the state’s Department of Business Regulations in 1994. 

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Career

Whitehouse started his political career when former President Bill Clinton appointed him as U.S. Attorney General in 1994. He served till 1998 when he was elected as Rhode Island Attorney General. 

During his tenure, he founded the Rhode Island Quality Institute. He also ran for the position of the state’s governor in 2002. But he lost the election to State Senator Myrth York. He continued his service as the State Attorney General till 2004. 

In 2006, Whitehouse looked to unseat incumbent Senator Lincoln Chafee at the U.S. Senate. He won the Democratic primary and defeated Chafee in the general election. He won his reelection in 2012 and 2018. 

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Accomplishments

(Senator Whitehouse will deliver his 250th speech about climate change this week. Source: Bostonglobe)

Whitehouse has made efforts to support a progressive tax system. He also worked to oppose tax cuts and repeal of the estate tax and Alternative Minimum Tax. 

Whitehouse’s administration also bolsters educational development. He worked to overhaul federal education policy. He also worked hard to promote security both at the state and national levels. He supported the rehabilitation of criminals and control of gun rights. He also worked to reform the criminal and juvenile justice system. 

He is also a strong environmental protection advocate. He has worked to promote infrastructural development and the nation’s rebuild. Besides, he has worked to protect the environment from harmful industrial waste. He addressed ocean plastic waste and toxic wastes. Also, he enacted measures to control carbon pollution and boost the clean energy economy. 

Whitehouse’s administration also worked to address the opioid crisis. He recognized and tackled the rising toll of drug addiction across the nation. He also authored the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. 

Apart from all these, Whitehouse has made significant improvements in the healthcare sector of the state. He supported Social Security and Medicare to ensure access to affordable and quality healthcare. 

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Criticisms

(Climate is a winning issue, and Dems are missing out. Source: Grist)

Senator Whitehouse has faced backlash over racism allegations. The Senator has been a longstanding member of the Bailey’s Beach Club, a white-members-only club. He tried to save his reputation by claiming that the leadership team at the club is working to change the policy. 

Whitehouse also came under fire for allegedly inside trading. He was under scrutiny for possible insider trade of at least $250,000. But he denied being actively involved in any financial instituions. He also stated that he did not instruct his financial advisor to undertake any transaction. 

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Net Worth

According to Incomepedia, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse net worth is estimated at about $3.1 million

Final Thoughts

Senator Whitehouse has earned a reputation for his several legislative accomplishments towards serving his people. He is a fierce advocate of progressive values. He is also a result-focused legislator who has worked on both sides of the aisle to promote quality of life and property. 

But, Whitehouse got under fire for associating with a racist club. He also got under scrutiny for financial misappropriation. He allegedly conducted an insider trade worth over $250,000. But, he denied the allegations. 


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