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(Patrick Leahy signals he’ll run for the ninth Senate term. Source: Politico)

Patrick Joseph Leahy (D) is the senior-most and longest-serving United States senator from Vermont. He won the elections of the United States Senate as a Democrat in 1974. He is a senior politician and currently serving as the President pro tempore of the United States for the 2nd time.

He holds the record to be both the only Democrat and longest-serving senator from Vermont.

Leahy was born to Alba and Howard Francis Leahy in Montpelier, Vermont. Leahy studied political science from Saint Michael’s College in Colchester and graduated in 1961. In 1964, he received his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center.

Leahy is now serving his 8th successive term of office as a senator of the United States.

Leahy earned his Juris Doctor Degree from Georgetown University Law Center. He was admitted to the bar and became an associate at the firm headed by Philip H. Hoff. He also served as Governor of Vermont.

Senator Patrick Leahy Career

(Gun debate a test for Senator Patrick Leahy. Source: Bostonglobe)

Leahy entered his professional political career after obtaining his J.D in 1964. He became the associate of the Governor of Vermont, Philip H. Hoff. Later on, he was appointed as the State’s Attorney of Chittenden County by Hoff. 

In 1966, Leahy was elected as a full-term State’s Attorney of Chittenden and re-elected in 1970. He practiced law and served for 8 years as a States’ attorney of Chittenden. Leahy gained a lot of respect and fame for his law enforcement activities. 

Senator Leahy is currently the president pro tempore of the United States Senate. Leahy is the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He is the most senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Agriculture Committee. 

Leahy has served as a member of several committees and subcommittees during his 47 year-long political careers. Some of the major committees and subcommittees are Agriculture, Forestry, Nutrition. Also Science, Defense, Homeland, Climate, Commerce, and Natural Resources.

Senator Patrick Leahy Accomplishments

Sen. Leahy became the youngest U.S Senator ever to be elected from Vermont at the age of 34.

Sen. Leahy has always remained proactive about the issues of data privacy, relief, human rights, civil liberties, and agriculture. After the deadly terrorist attacks of September 11, Leahy headed the negotiations to ensure the protection of civil liberties and rights. 

Sen. Leahy recovered more than $2 billion by closing 1100 offices of the Department of Agriculture through the 1994 Leahy-Lugar bill.

Senator Patrick Leahy Criticisms

In 1987, Leahy resigned from the Senate Intelligence Committee due to his sharing of an unclassified draft report on the Iran-Contra investigation to an NBC News reporter. 

Senator Patrick Leahy Net Worth

According to Incomepedia, Senator Patrick Leahy net worth is estimated at about $260,000.

Final Thoughts

(Senator. Patrick Leahy Back Home After Brief Hospitalization. Source: Spectrumlocalnews)

Leahy is quite an impressive senator. 

Despite being born mostly blind in one eye, he had accomplished many things. He was both once the youngest Senator, and now one of the oldest Senators in the US Senate. He had served for 8 years as state’s attorney in Chittenden County, Vermont.

He was applauded for his role in the sting operation that caught Paul Lawrence, a rogue undercover police officer.


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