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(Top Democratic senator opposes reentering Iran deal under previous terms. Source: Timesofisrael)

Senator Christopher Andrew Coons is an American politician and lawyer. He is currently serving as a junior member of the U.S. Senate from Delaware under the Democrats since 2010. He was also the county executive of New Castle County.

Coons was born in Greenwich, Delaware, on September 9, 1963. Coons’ parents suffered financial setbacks and later divorced. But, he won the Truman Scholarship, which saw him through his tertiary education. 

He studied at the University of Nairobi via the St. Lawrence University’s Kenyan Semester program. He graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry and Political science at Amherst college in 1985. 

Coons proceeded to get his Master’s degree in Ethics at the Yale Divinity School in 1992. He also earned a J.D. degree from Yale law school in the same year. In 2018, the Delaware State University named him as Honorary Doctor in Humane Letters.

Coons worked as a voluntary relief worker during his classes at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. After returning to the U.S., he worked for the Coalition of the Homeless in New York. He also worked as a legal clerk in New York. In 1996, he returned to Delaware, where he worked as a legal clerk. He also worked for some NGOs.

Senator Chris Coons Political Career

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Senator Chris Coons started his political career as a Republican. As a teenager, Coons campaigned for Ronald Reagan’s presidential race and Bill Roth in 1982. But, he became a Democrat in 1988 and worked for Governor Shien Biau Woo during his Senate campaign. 

In 2000, Coons became the New Castle county council in Delaware. After serving four years, he was elected the council executive from 2004 till 2010. In 2010, after serving as the council executive, Coons defeated Tea Party’s Christine in a special election to replace Ted Kaufman in the U.S. Senate. He won again in 2014 and 2020.

Senator Chris Coons Achievements

Coons has developed a reputation as a moderate democrat since his assumption of the senate seat. He is recognized in his fight for the protection of women, children, and LGBTQ rights. He has also dedicated himself to several developmental and job creation programs and bolstering domestic manufacturing.

Due to his view on gun control, Coons had an ‘F’ rating with the National Rifle Association. He was part of the senators that requested an executive action on gun law after a college shooting. He also supported banning known and suspected terrorists from buying guns and firearms. 

Senator Chris Coons has worked tirelessly with other Senators to support people struggling with drug addiction and curbing opioid abuse. He has also been instrumental in supporting abortion rights, healthcare reform acts, and several foreign policies.

Senator Chris Coons Criticisms

(Witzke challenges Coons on Supreme Court nomination, addresses QAnon’s claims. Source: Delawarepublic)

According to Big League Politics, Senator Coons allegedly held parties in which illegal hard drugs were used. According to two of his former classmates of the Delaware Democrats, the parties held on different occasions also featured petty crimes and excessive drinking.

Senator Chris Coons was also tagged a Christian-hating progressive socialist by Republican Lawren Witzke. This came after Coons ordered a general lockdown in 2020 during the pandemic. But, Witzke described his action as a violation of Americans’ freedom.

Senator Chris Coons Net Worth

According to Incomepedia, Senator Chris Coons net worth is estimated at around $10.1 million.

Final Thoughts

(The Biden whisperer in the Senate. Source: Politico)

Coons has spent his career focused on working on getting things done for the people of Delaware. He is recognized for his commitment to bipartisanship. He has also won awards for his productivity. 

Meanwhile, he has tagged a Christian-hating politician after imposing a strict lockdown on gatherings and religious activities. He was also reported to have dealt with illegal drugs.


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