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Technology has been advancing at an impressive rate, and tablets have emerged as indispensable tools in recent times. These sleek and versatile devices now serve a multitude of purposes. Alongside our trusty smartphones, tablets have become the go-to gadgets for most individuals. Now let’s see how to get Free Tablet With Medicaid.

It’s not uncommon to witness the unveiling of new tablets in the market, each boasting innovative features almost every day. Beyond students, tablets have also come to the aid of office workers, enabling them to seamlessly carry out their tasks remotely. 

Additionally, they foster connections with loved ones and fulfill a host of other functions. Tablets are becoming increasingly popular, but the higher price tag they carry means they are out of reach for many people.

The federal government is aware of the issue and is working to find a solution by teaming up with non-profits that provide necessary services. In an effort to aid low-income families and individuals, tablets will be distributed free of charge.

You’ve arrived at the right place to obtain a no-cost tablet. In the United States, Assurance Wireless is one of the most well-known providers of this service. In this article, we’ll discuss how to apply for a free tablet through Medicaid and what you’ll need to meet their requirements.

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What is a Medicaid Program?

Medicaid, a crucial health-related initiative, extends invaluable healthcare support to millions of American citizens. It functions on both federal and state levels, addressing the healthcare needs of those who struggle to afford traditional health insurance.

Individuals facing financial constraints need not fret any longer, for Medicaid offers them a lifeline to accessible healthcare services. This federal-state collaboration program helps low-income people and their families, those with disabilities, the elderly, and expectant mothers.

Medicaid is heavily regulated because the federal government provides the bulk of its funding. Keep in mind, though, that the benefits of the program and eligibility requirements can differ from state to state. This program goes by a variety of names depending on the state, including “Medical Assistance” and “MediCal.”

Medicaid, known by a variety of names in different states, is an essential program. As so, it demonstrates why healthcare for all Americans is so important to their well-being.

How to Qualify for the Medicaid Program?

There are criteria that must be met before an individual can enroll in the Medicaid program. The conditions for participation in Medicaid are as set forth by the agency responsible for its administration:

  • Medicaid eligibility requires proof of residency in the state where enrollment is sought.
  • Applicants will need to provide evidence of their family’s low income, usually in the form of a certificate of income.
  • Age, parental status, and pregnancy are also factors in determining eligibility for coverage. These factors may affect eligibility.

The application process for the Medicaid health insurance program can be completed online at the provided website. Those who qualify for the program will get funding for necessary medical care.

What is the Application Procedure for Medicaid Free Tablet?

Many people may be unaware that they qualify for a free tablet through Medicaid. This post will teach you everything you need to know to get a free tablet and start enjoying its many advantages right now.

Step 1: Apply through the Health Insurance Marketplace

To kickstart your journey to secure a free tablet, you must start by applying through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Medicaid program offers this incentive, and the first thing you should do is visit the official website of the marketplace.

Step 2: Create an Account

The first step is to create an account. After registering on the site, an application form will become available to you. Please take your time and make sure you include everything on this application. If your application has any mistakes or missing information, it will be denied.

Step 3: Verification of Medicaid Program

The Assurance Wireless, in partnership with the Medicaid program, provides free tablets. To be eligible, you need to produce a certificate that demonstrates your affiliation with the Medicaid program, showcasing your information and benefits.

Step 4: Fill Out the Assurance Wireless Application

You will need to apply for service with Assurance Wireless online after your identity has been confirmed. Creating an Assurance Wireless account is required, much like doing so for the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Step 5: Thoroughly Complete the Application Form

As you complete the application form, provide all the necessary information. This includes your date of birth, occupation, education, address, name, and other relevant details. Pay careful attention to detail, ensuring there are no mistakes.

Step 6: Attach a Scanned Copy of Medicaid

Once your application form is correctly filled out, attach a scanned copy of your Medicaid certificate. This is a crucial step for verification.

Step 7: Submit Your Application

After you’ve checked your application over again for accuracy, you may send it in using the Assurance Wireless website. You may also print out an application from their website and submit it via regular mail.

Step 8: Receive Your Voucher

Assurance Wireless will send you a voucher for a free month of service after your application is accepted. This voucher’s versatility makes it particularly attractive, as it may be put to use in any market.

Step 9: Register Your Device

With your new tablet in hand, sign up with Assurance Wireless to access additional benefits and enjoy free tablet plans. Register your device with their network to activate these benefits.

Step 10: Enjoy a Year of Free Tablet Plans

Once your device is successfully registered with the network, you will have the opportunity to enjoy free tablet plans for an entire year. It’s a valuable benefit that comes with your free tablet from the Medicaid program.

What are the documents required to apply for a free tablet with Medicaid?

Proof of eligibility for any government aid program requires the submission of certain papers from applicants. In order for the authorities to evaluate your application, please submit the following verification documents.

  • A passport, state ID, other government-issued ID, driver’s license, or ID card issued by the United States armed forces can all be used as forms of identity.
  • Proof of current address is required in the form of a state or tribal ID, another form of government-issued ID, a utility bill, or any combination thereof.
  • A Federal or Tribal tax return, a current income statement from your employer, a paycheck stub, or a Social Security statement of benefits can all serve as proof of income. 

What are the free tablets currently on offer?

Many companies are generous enough to provide free tablets to those in need. These tablets, made by various manufacturers, come in a range from affordable to mid-range models.

Assurance Wireless, for instance, operates on a first-come, first-served basis when it comes to offering free tablets to individuals facing genuine needs. However, the quantity of these no-cost tablets is contingent on the available funding. The good news is that if your tablet breaks, you can send it back and obtain a replacement.

Popular tech firms including Samsung, Lenovo, Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Asus, HTC, and ZTE all contribute to programs that give free or low-cost tablets to individuals in need.

The federal government often issues vouchers and provides funding for such programs. Alternatively, you also have the option to purchase a new tablet by topping up.

What other Benefits will I receive if I Qualify for the Medicaid Program?

All the benefits that come with Medicaid, such as doctor visits, home healthcare, and lab tests, will be available to eligible individuals. Medicaid essentially covers all your medical needs. Moreover, meeting the Medicaid criteria also makes you eligible for other government aid programs, like ACP and Lifeline. 

This means that Medicaid indirectly opens the door to additional services and perks, such as free internet, international calls, Wi-Fi hotspots, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, unlimited monthly talk time, and more.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Free Medicaid Tablet?

Here are some benefits that individuals can enjoy after receiving a complimentary Medicaid Tablet.

Bigger Display

The Free Medicaid Tablet boasts a generously sized display, outclassing most mobile phones. This larger screen lends itself to enhanced daily usability, making your routine tasks significantly more effortless. 

With this free tablet, you’ll experience a notably larger screen that provides a clearer view of your content. Moreover, this tablet serves multifunctional roles, accommodating both educational and office-related tasks. 

Improve Communication

Having a free Medicaid tablet makes it easier for individuals to connect with their friends and family through video calls. It also allows them to stay in touch with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

These Medicaid tablets prove highly valuable for educational purposes, allowing users to watch informative videos and enhance their knowledge. Additionally, they can use the tablet for both voice and video calls.

Educational Tool

The Medicaid Free Tablet proves itself a versatile educational companion. Its larger screen facilitates students’ educational journey by enabling them to effortlessly engage with educational videos, access and read documents, and efficiently complete assignments. 

Moreover, this remarkable tablet can be your gateway to online classes, facilitating seamless interaction with your teachers. Undoubtedly, in today’s educational landscape, this high-performance tablet has become an indispensable tool with a multitude of purposes.

Brain Train

By using the Free Medicaid Tablet, one can enhance their cognitive abilities through engaging in puzzle games and various online bingo activities. This tablet also aids in maintaining focus on mental stimulation tasks.

Digital Divide 

The complimentary Medicaid tablet plays a crucial role in reducing digital fragmentation. It aids individuals in enhancing their intellectual capacity. Furthermore, it empowers them to stay informed about global events by connecting to the internet through this user-friendly tablet.

Cool User Interface

Users will receive a sleek user interface packed with a range of features when compared to today’s typical cell phones. This interface allows them to split the large screen into two separate screens, making multitasking a breeze.

Ways to Get a Free Tablet with Medicaid

Service providers such as Assurance Wireless, along with various others, have stepped up to provide free tablets and cell phones for Medicaid services. The federal government has also extended its support by offering free tablets, especially to students and low-income individuals in genuine need, through providers like Assurance Wireless and many more.

Assurance Wireless primarily operates as a telephone service that is subsidized for low-income applicants under the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program. It’s also part of the government benefit program, supported by the Federal Universal Service Fund. 

This program has proven highly beneficial, granting millions of Americans access to free government tablets. Those receiving Medicaid services can also obtain a free tablet through this initiative. 

Best Providers that Offer Free Tablets with Medicaid

Individuals can apply for the affordable connectivity program by visiting the FCC’s official website or by applying through a participating network service provider such as QLink Wireless, Easy Wireless, StandUp Wireless, TruConnect Wireless, and more. 

This will offers free tablets to them along with necessary medications. It is recommended to read the descriptions and visit the official websites of each service provider to learn more about the features and services they offer.

Assurance Wireless Free Medicaid Tablets

Assurance Wireless is known as the largest network service provider in the United States. They aim to give their users a smooth and trouble-free experience with very few dropped calls. T-Mobile, which has the quickest network connection and covers about 99% of the country, is the primary provider for this business.

T-Mobile currently provides its clients with a fantastic postpaid package. By covering a wide geographic area, Assurance Wireless has made its network services available to a large customer base.

If you’re interested in getting a free Assurance Wireless tablet, you can visit the provided link for more information.

Qlink Wireless 

Qlink Wireless is another option to consider for those looking for EBB tablets. Customers who qualify for the EBB can also purchase a new tablet at a discounted rate for one time only; however, this discount is not transferable. The tablet costs $10.01, however, if you apply for an EBB device, you can get that price lowered to $0.

Keep in contact with Qlink wireless free tablet so you don’t miss out on these exclusive offers, since they are time-sensitive and won’t last forever. Customers who qualify will get free unlimited calls, texts, and data on their new tablet.

How Can I Apply for the Qlink Wireless Program?

Obtaining a free tablet through the Qlink Wireless Program is a straightforward process. To get started, one should head over to the website. On the webpage, there will be a designated area to input their Zip code and email address. 

After entering these details, the next step is to click on the “Get it now” button. Following this, they should diligently follow the instructions and complete the form without making any errors. It’s vital to ensure that all the required documents and information, which demonstrate eligibility for the EBB program, are provided.

Once an applicant submits their application, they must choose a qualifying plan. However, they’ll need to wait for their application to be approved. Once approval is granted, Qlink Wireless will then deduct the discount from their monthly bill and provide them with a free tablet.

Standup Wireless 

Similar to Q Link Wireless, Standup Wireless also offers the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). Through the EBB program, applicants receive a one-time discount of up to $100 on specific devices. However, due to FCC regulations, the organization must charge a fee of $10.01 for the device.

Standup Wireless provides an 8-inch tablet that operates on both wireless and other mobile networks. They also offer monthly services to eligible customers. These services include 10GB of data, unlimited voice calling, and texting.

How Can I Qualify for the Standup Wireless Free Tablet with Medicaid?

In the following, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to qualify for the Emergency Broadband Benefits (EBB) program. To be eligible for EBB, you must meet one or both of the following requirements:

  • You or any member of your household must have participated in a government assistance program.
  • Your annual household income must be at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Additionally, if any member of your family has received a federal grant from the government in the past year, it also makes you eligible for EBB.

Meeting either one or both of these criteria will grant you eligibility for the EBB program, allowing you to access its benefits and advantages.


TruConnect, the well-known wireless service provider, offers qualifying customers a fantastic deal. You get free high-speed data, unlimited talking and texting, and your choice of a tablet or Android smartphone. They’re part of government assistance programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline.

When you sign up on TruConnect’s official website, you can take advantage of their latest offer. This special deal includes free wireless service and a bonus of two months of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime membership comes with awesome perks like Prime video, Prime music, Prime gaming, and fast, free shipping within two days, among other benefits.

TruConnect Wireless’s truly unlimited plan combines the best of both worlds: ACP and Lifeline. With this plan, you enjoy unlimited data, unlimited talk time, unlimited texting, a free tablet or smartphone activation, a free SIM card, and even free international calling. And there’s even more to it!

How to Apply for a TruConnect Free Tablet?

  • To access TruConnect’s official website, one should visit the website. Once there, it is important to locate the box designated for entering the ZIP code and input your ZIP code into this box. 
  • Next, find the space provided for your email address and enter your email address into it. 
  • Lastly, be sure to click on the ‘Apply Now’ option to determine if you meet the qualifications for the program.

Easy Wireless


Another network service provider that accepts Medicaid to offer free tablets through government programs and takes part in the ACP program is Easy Wireless. They also provide free unlimited data, a hotspot, text messages, and talk time to eligible households with low incomes.

In addition to these essential services, they offer a SIM card kit and activation at no cost. Voicemail and free emergency service calls are part of the Easy Wireless plan. Keep in mind that their offers may vary based on changes to the ACP program and your state of residence.

Easy Wireless allows you to acquire a government tablet worth $120, measuring 8 inches, for just $10.01. For more information on obtaining a free tablet with Medicaid through Easy Wireless, feel free to reach out to their customer service.

How to Apply for an Easy Wireless Free Tablet?

  • To begin, one should visit the official Easy Wireless website. Next, they need to input their email address in the designated field. 
  • After that, they should enter their ZIP code in the provided box. 
  • Finally, click on the ‘Enroll Now’ button to see if eligibility for the program is met.

Some Other Ways To Get Free Tablets

Get free tablets from Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

Many charities and non-profit organizations are stepping up to assist low-income families and individuals by providing them with free tablets. Non-profit groups like the Salvation Army are well-known for their ongoing support to low-income families, offering a wide range of necessities, including free food, clothing, furniture, and more. 

In addition to these essentials, they also extend their help to individuals who genuinely require tablets. For more information on their programs, interested individuals can visit the official website of the Salvation Army. 

If you find yourself in need of a tablet, you may need to explain your circumstances to them. If they determine that your need is legitimate, they will be more than willing to provide you with a free tablet.

Get a Free Tablet from College or University

Many American colleges and universities require their students to use laptops as part of their studies. They understand that not all students can afford a laptop. So, most colleges and universities provide laptops to their students. The cost of the laptop is already included in the college fees.

If a student needs a laptop, they can seek more information and assistance from the college or university administration.

Some universities, like Wentworth Institute of Technology, Widener University, Seton Hill University, Bethel University, St. John’s University, Northwest Missouri State University, and others, offer free tablets to students with low incomes.

Free tablets from Local Churches

Throughout history, churches have consistently extended a helping hand to those in need, offering assistance in various forms. With a substantial following, churches often receive generous donations. To find out if they provide free tablets, individuals can visit their nearby local church.

Public Libraries

One can also consider visiting public libraries, though they may not provide free tablets. However, they do offer the use of their computers and tablets for internet access, which can be beneficial for various tasks. Furthermore, public libraries provide access to a wide range of books that can be very helpful.

Search Online

Many people discover a wide array of items on the internet. They might explore websites such as Craigslist and Freecycle to find cost-effective tablet options. Moreover, they can turn to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Facebook boasts several pages dedicated to offering pre-owned tablets at significantly reduced prices. Additionally, they can share their tablet requirements on their social media profiles. 

In addition, several companies host giveaways, with the simple requirement of following their pages on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Companies That Offer Free Tablets To Low-Income Families

They have discovered several well-known companies generously providing free tablets to low-income families, and here’s a list of them:

Computers with Causes

Another renowned non-profit organization dedicated to assisting low-income families by providing them with free tablets, laptops, and essential digital resources is Computers with Causes. 

This organization aids various groups, including students, military personnel, veterans, individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, teachers, educational institutions, and even fellow non-profit organizations.

In addition to furnishing free tablets, Computers with Causes offers a range of essential services to those in need. These services encompass vocational training and education, the establishment of computer labs in disadvantaged schools, support for similar charitable organizations, and more. 

The On It Foundation

The organization’s motto is “Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology.” True to its name, this renowned non-profit is dedicated to the world of technology and digital resources, striving to empower those in need with access to a wide range of digital opportunities.

Recognizing the detrimental impact of the digital divide on income inequality, The On It Foundation steps in to support low-income families. They generously provide free tablets, laptops, and computers, equipping these families to lead self-sufficient lives and break free from the cycle of poverty.

For over two decades, they have been tirelessly engaged in this noble mission, donating refurbished laptops, tablets, and other essential devices. Their compassionate efforts extend to a variety of ways to assist the vulnerable, with a special focus on families with school children in grades K 12.

PCs for People

The well-known non-profit organization, PCs for People, provides free laptops to low-income families and individuals in need. They also offer refurbished computers at very low or no cost to eligible households. This organization’s primary focus is on recycling and reusing e-waste, including computers, tablets, and laptops. 

They operate several Digital Learning centers that offer affordable internet solutions. Additionally, they strive to help people in need by providing internet services, digital skills training programs, computers, technical support, and more. 

To be eligible for their program, an individual’s annual income should not exceed $27,180. For a family of two, the income limit is $36,220, and for a family of three, it’s $46,060, and so on.


EveryoneOn is a popular non-profit organization that assists low-income families in gaining access to laptops, computers, free tablets, and more. This well-known group is dedicated to ensuring that underprivileged families and underserved communities have equal opportunities for digital resources, including laptops, tablets, and affordable internet services. 

Moreover, they provide digital skills training to those in need. With a network of over 65 partner organizations, EveryoneOn has already helped more than 784,000 individuals. 

To determine if you qualify for their program, you can apply on their official website, which is linked below. Additionally, you can use their website’s locator tool to discover new opportunities in your area.


Human-I-T, another social organization, dedicates itself to aiding low-income families and individuals in need. They ensure these communities can access the internet, receive training in digital skills, acquire essential devices like laptops and computers, and access vital tech support.

Since its establishment, this charitable organization has made a significant impact, offering internet assistance to more than 97,000 households and distributing over 229,000 technology items, such as laptops, tablets, and computers, to those less fortunate.

Human-I-T places a strong emphasis on environmental protection and minimizing e-waste in landfills. To date, they’ve diverted up to 12 million pounds of e-waste. Additionally, they’ve provided financially challenged families with affordable, high-quality laptops and tablets.

Troubleshooting Tips If You Experience Any Issues With The Device

When someone faces issues with their device, there are a few steps they can take to fix the problems.

First, they should make sure that the device is properly charged and connected to a reliable power source. If it still doesn’t turn on, holding the power button for ten seconds can reset the device. If the issue persists, they should get in touch with customer service for further help.

Another thing to check is if all the links and connectors are secure. If the device is connected to Wi-Fi, they should also ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is working correctly. If the device continues to have problems, try uninstalling and reinstalling any software or applications associated with it.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to check for any updates to the device’s software or firmware. Sometimes, these updates can solve the problems that the device is experiencing.


The article hopes to provide all the necessary information on obtaining a free tablet with Medicaid. Getting a free tablet is a straightforward process – one just needs to follow the steps and submit the required documents. Tablets have become a significant part of people’s lives and serve various purposes, including education and work.

Several methods, as previously discussed, can help you secure a free tablet. You can explore options like Assurance Wireless and other service providers that support low-income families by providing free tablets. Additionally, non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army can offer further assistance in obtaining a free tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free tablet programs with Medicaid?

In a word, yes. Assurance Wireless is one of the service providers that partner with Medicaid to deliver a free tablet to qualifying patients.

Is it possible To Get a Government Free Tablet?

If you want a free government tablet, you need to qualify for programs like Lifeline and EBB. You have to qualify to acquire a free tablet from the government, though.

How to get a free tablet from Assurance Wireless?

The Medicaid Services program is eligible for free tablets from Assurance Wireless and other service providers. To receive a free tablet from this group, however, you must qualify for EBB. Those with modest incomes are the primary recipients of their free tablet giveaway. The U.S. government provides substantial funding to the group.

How many free minutes are offered by Assurance Wireless?

You can get 250 free minutes and 250 free messages from Assurance Wireless. Customers on the government’s lifeline program can get free tablets or phones from the service provider.

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