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Exploring free beds near me in the USA? Read our post to understand the quality, accessibility, and user satisfaction of available beds near your location.

In times of need, such as emergencies, sudden displacement, or financial hardship, finding a free bed can be a critical necessity for individuals across the United States. However, locating these resources can often be challenging and overwhelming, leaving many unsure of where to turn for assistance.

Fortunately, there are various avenues and organizations dedicated to providing free beds and shelter to those in need throughout the USA. There are options available for individuals seeking temporary accommodations without the burden of cost.

In this blog post, we have conducted thorough research to present you with comprehensive solutions for locating “free beds near me in the USA”. 

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clearer understanding of where to find free beds near you and how to take the necessary steps to secure temporary shelter when needed.

Who Qualifies For Free Beds And Mattresses?

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To make sure that the beds and mattresses go to those who need them, there are some rules to follow. Here are a few examples of who can get free beds:

  • Families who’ve lost their homes in disasters like fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis.
  • People who have disabilities, veterans who’ve served in the military, and older adults who need special help.
  • Families who are moving to a new home or making their current one bigger can get free furniture if they need it.
  • Families with low incomes and single moms or dads who need help with their new babies.
  • People who are new to a country or don’t have a job can ask charities and groups for help.

Organizations That Give Away Beds For Free

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If someone in your family needs a bed to sleep on, and you’re responsible, you can look for free help online or in your community. Check out these groups that help families with low incomes get a bed or free mattress:

1. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store gives away furniture and appliances for free to make homes comfy and warm. But, they only give free beds to families who don’t have much money and fit certain rules.

If you want a free bed or furniture, you have to show that your family doesn’t have a lot of money. You do this by filling out some papers and showing documents about your money and who you are.

After getting permission, people who need furniture can pick out items from the thrift store. This includes things like beds. Sometimes, the store uses vouchers. These are like special tickets that let people get their furniture.

If someone doesn’t have enough money or needs furniture fast, they can ask for help. They might get a loan or vouchers for furniture. If they qualify, they could get a free sofa, bed, table, chair, mattress, or couch. It depends on what they need.

To find out if you can get help, ask the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store near you. They’ll tell you if you qualify and what items are available.

2. Furniture For Families

Furniture For Families is a group that helps families who don’t have much money get furniture, like beds. They give away all sorts of things for homes, and they don’t charge anything. They help families who are getting back on their feet after not having a home or going through something like a big storm.

To get a bed from Furniture For Families, families need to fill out a form and show proof of how much money they make or if they’re facing money troubles. When FFF says it’s okay, families can choose when they want to pick up their new furniture or have it brought to their home.

FFF also works with other groups in the area, like places where people who don’t have homes can stay and places that help people in tough situations like domestic violence, to find families who could use some extra help.

3. Love INC

Love INC is a big group that helps families who don’t have a lot of money. They work together with churches and groups in different areas to give a hand to people in need.

Sometimes, families don’t have enough beds or mattresses to sleep comfortably. So, Love INC helps by giving away used furniture, like beds and free mattresses, to those families. This helps them have a better place to sleep instead of on the floor or sharing a bed with others.

They also have vouchers that you can use to get beds at a low price or even for free from certain stores or kind people in your community. It’s all about making sure everyone has a good place to sleep at night.

4. Beds4Kidz

Beds4Kidz is a special group that helps kids and families who don’t have a lot of money. They give beds to kids who need them, so they don’t have to sleep on the floor. Over 16,000 people in New Mexico have already received free beds from Beds4Kidz.

This group takes donations of big beds, like a queen and full-size ones, and gently uses blankets, sheets, and other things to make beds cozy. Beds4Kidz only takes beds that are clean and comfy, with no big stains or rips.

The organization likes getting full bed sets. That means they want everything for a bed: mattresses, foundations, frames, and other parts. But they need to be in good shape. They also want things like dressers and chests of drawers to make kids’ bedrooms cozy and useful.

But they can’t take certain things. They can’t accept sleeper sofas, couches, or recliners. They use the donated stuff, like beds, to help families who don’t have much money. And they give it to them for free!

5. Cribs for Kids

Cribs for Kids is a special group that helps families who don’t have a lot of money get beds for low income families. Kids Cribs has been doing this for 25 years and has given away over 900,000 beds to families who need them.

They team up with friends and volunteers to give out cribs that meet important safety rules from a group called the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). These beds are cozy, safe, and best of all, they don’t cost anything for families who can’t buy them. 

They also provide sheets, pillows, and blankets for each bed to make sure the kids are comfy and warm. Cribs for Kids offers extra help like tips for safe sleep, lessons for parents, and connections to other groups. They give free bed frames to families who don’t have a lot of money and have kids. 

6. Samaritan House

Samaritan House helps people in San Mateo County who don’t have much money and are facing tough times like not having a home or not having enough money. They give free furniture to families who need it. 

If families need furniture, they can ask Samaritan House for help by filling out a form. When the form is approved, families can pick out furniture like beds and mattresses from what people have donated.

The organization also helps families get their donated furniture by delivering it to their homes. Samaritan House works together with nearby groups and stores to gather furniture and things for homes. 

They make sure to give these items to people who really need them, like families with low money, older people, and those who don’t have a home. They also provide free beds, which is a big help for people in their community. This helps fight against poverty and homelessness.

7. Goodwill Industries

In every town in the United States, there’s a local Goodwill store. These stores often team up with the Department of Social Services and other groups to help people who need support. Goodwill is special because they have shops where you can buy things, and the donations of furniture help make this happen. 

If you need help, Goodwill might give you a special card called a voucher to get things you need from their store. You can call them at 617-445-1010 to learn more.

8. Crisis Assistance Ministry

The Crisis Assistance Ministry helps people who are having trouble paying their bills, like rent and utilities. They also help travelers who are stuck and need assistance.

At their free store, they have lots of items like clothes, shoes, dishes, towels, sheets, toys for kids, and things for the kitchen. They also have a furniture bank where they give away beds, cribs, mattresses, dressers, sofas, kitchen sets, washers, and dryers.

9. Craigslist

Craigslist is a website where people can find free furniture. Sometimes, folks have furniture they don’t need anymore, but they can’t move it themselves or they want it gone fast. To find free furniture on Craigslist, just go to the website, type in the name of your state, and look for the furniture you need.

10. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a special program for families who need furniture but can’t afford it. This program gives free furniture, like beds, to families who don’t have much money. 

To get help from the Salvation Army, families have to be referred by other organizations that help people in need, like homeless shelters or non-profit groups for families with low incomes. After getting referred, the Salvation Army will check if the family can get furniture vouchers. 

This voucher is like a special ticket that lets the family pick out the furniture they need for free. If the Salvation Army approves, they will give the family a special paper called a voucher. This voucher can be used at a nearby thrift store or warehouse to get furniture things like beds and mattresses.

The Salvation Army can also help deliver the furniture to the family’s home. The vouchers for furniture are not always available because there aren’t always enough. The Salvation Army gets its furniture from kind people in the community who donate it to help others who need it.

11. Heroes Warehouse

Heroes Warehouse is a special place that helps veterans and their families who are getting back on their feet after facing homelessness. When you donate to Heroes Warehouse, all of your donation goes directly to helping these brave veterans. 

They’re looking for things like new or gently used furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, dishes, and other items to make a house feel like a home. 

12. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities Community Services helps families and people in need across the United States. They’re a big group that helps those who might be struggling. If you need furniture, just reach out to your nearby Catholic Charities.

13. Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a special group that helps kids from families who don’t have a lot of money. They have a cool program where older kids and grown-ups spend time with younger kids to help them learn and have fun. 

Sometimes, families need beds for their kids, and Big Brothers Big Sisters helps with that too. They team up with companies like Factory Mattress, who give a part of the money from selling mattresses to help Big Brothers Big Sisters every Tuesday and Wednesday. 

This way, they can keep helping lots of kids and families who need it. Big Brothers Big Sisters gives beds to kids from families who don’t have a lot of money. 

These kids are in a program where they get help from a mentor. Or, if families need help, they can ask Big Brothers Big Sisters for a bed. If families want a bed from Big Brothers Big Sisters, they can talk to the office in their area. They can find out more about the program and if they can get a bed.

14. National Furniture Banks

National Furniture Banks are groups that help families who don’t have enough money to buy furniture and household things. They give basic furniture like beds, couches, tables, chairs, and dressers to families who need them. These families might not be able to afford these things on their own.

The furniture banks get these items from people and businesses who donate used furniture. They also get new things from companies that sponsor them. After collecting these donations, the furniture banks give them to families in need.

When families have these essential items, it helps them live comfortably and with respect. They can focus on other important things, like finding a job or going to school, while they work on becoming more financially stable.

Sleep Quality in the Low-Income Bracket

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It’s becoming clearer that how much people sleep is connected to how much money they have and other things related to how they live. When people don’t have a lot of money, they often have to work longer hours, which means they might not get as much sleep. 

This isn’t just a problem for grown-ups. Kids from families with less money also might not get enough sleep. One reason for this is because of where they live. 

If they live in places with lots of noise, it can be hard to sleep well. Also, people with lower levels of education and less money tend to sleep either too much or too little. This shows that there are a lot of challenges with sleep for people who don’t have a lot of money.

City-Specific Programs for Free Beds and Mattresses

New York City

The New York City Furniture Bank helps families and people who don’t have a lot of money get free furniture. They give things like beds and mattresses. They work together with different groups in the city to find out who needs help.

The Bowery Mission is in the middle of New York City. They do many things to help people, including giving out free furniture. They especially help those who are finding a new place to live after being homeless or who are having trouble with money.

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Furniture Bank helps families who don’t have a lot of money in Los Angeles. They give them the furniture they need, like beds, for free.

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission is also in Los Angeles. They help homeless and needy people by giving them important things, like furniture, to make their lives better.


The Chicago Furniture Bank helps people in the Chicago area by giving them furniture. They have all kinds of furniture, like beds, for families and individuals who don’t have much. They especially help those who are moving from not having a home to having one.

Catholic Charities of Chicago helps too. They have programs to help people who don’t have a lot of money. One of the things they do is give furniture to families who need it.

How to Access These Programs?

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Eligibility: Each program has rules about who can join. These rules might be about how much money someone makes, how big their family is, or what they need.

Application Process: If someone wants to join, they should talk to the group that runs the program. They’ll probably have to fill out some papers and show why they need help. This could mean showing how much money they make or getting a note from a social worker.

Logistics: Usually, people who get help have to find a way to pick up the furniture themselves. But sometimes, the program might help with delivery.


In short, beds for families who don’t have much money give them a cozy and safe spot to rest at night. This helps them feel better and ready for the next day. Without this help, many more people would have nowhere good to sleep each night.

We should know that this help doesn’t come from just one person or place. It comes from all of us working together. Even small gifts or help can make a big difference when we all pitch in.

Remember, a simple act of kindness, like donating free bed programs or offering support, can have a profound impact on someone’s life. Let’s spread the word and continue to make a difference together!


How can I find local charities or non-profit organizations that offer free beds?

Lots of groups in the community like charities, non-profits, and church groups might have free or cheap furniture, like beds, for families who need them. Some of these groups are The Salvation Army, Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and Habitat for Humanity ReStores. 

How can my local government or social services help me find a free bed?

To find help getting furniture for low income families, kids can ask their local government, the Department of Health and Human Services, or groups that help people in their community. They might have programs or resources to help.

Can I find help through local community centers or churches?

In your neighborhood, places like community centers, churches, and groups based on faith might have info about where to get free furniture or other stuff to help families who don’t have a lot of money. You can call or visit these places near you to ask if they can help you out.

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