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The government’s continuous efforts to assist those in need have now manifeste­d in the Government Fre­e Bed Initiative. Its re­cent revelation showcase­s their dedication to lending a helping hand. Comfy beds and cozy be­dding are provided exclusive­ly for low-income families residing in specific areas of our beautiful country. 

The main objective is to foster a sense of community and support among these families, thereby encouraging them to establish roots in their homes and utilize the available government services efficiently.

The kindne­ss fairy seems to have be­stowed a special gift. Non-profit organizations and local charities have stepped up significantly. It’s amazing to see­ individuals selflessly donating their be­ds and mattresses to these worthy causes.

These initiatives primarily target low-income households striving to make ends meet. Delve into this article for a comprehensive guide on how you can obtain free bed assistance program. 

What Is Free Mattress Programs?

Mattresses can be pricey, but here’s a money-saving solution: Free Mattress Programs. You can snag a mattress without opening your wallet. To learn how, keep reading.

Let’s dive into the top spots to score a new mattress through these programs. These places are well-known for selling mattresses, and sometimes even beds and bedding. They offer free mattress trials. 

During these trials, you can enjoy a mattress for a set duration without spending a dime. At the end of the trial, you simply return the mattress.

Who Can Avail Free Beds and Mattress?

First and foremost, it’s important to grasp that free bed programs are primarily created to aid those who are facing hardships and in dire need of assistance. Many individuals cannot afford to buy a bed, and this initiative aims to support them.

However, due to limited resources, not everyone can receive a free bed, so a certain group of individuals will be given priority. Let’s take a look at who will be prioritized for the free bed program.

People with Disabilities

Some individuals face challenges due to disabilities and have specific healthcare needs. We prioritize their well-being. Lack of a bed can cause distress for them, and they urgently require one. 

Fortunately, our free bed program recognizes this and ensures that disabled individuals receive the beds they need.

Homeless Individuals

Many people find themselves in dire situations, having lost their homes or been evicted. They often lack money or belongings. Sleep is essential for their well-being, and a bed can provide much-needed rest. 

Our free bed program is committed to helping homeless individuals by providing them with a bed and prioritizing their needs.

Low-Income Families

Numerous low-income individuals struggle to afford a bed or mattress. Sleeping without one can be extremely challenging. This free bed program offers beds and mattresses to those with limited financial means, including single parents who need free bed frames for their children.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, especially those on fixed incomes, may find it hard to afford a new bed. Their age makes them particularly vulnerable to health issues without proper rest. 

It has programs in place that prioritize the needs of seniors, offering free mattresses and beds to ensure they get the rest they require for their well-being.

Requirements for Free Beds For Low Income Families

Ensuring beds and mattresses reach those in need is crucial. To qualify for a free bed, you must meet certain criteria:

Income: Your income must fall below a specific threshold, which varies depending on your location and the assistance program you’re applying to.

Location: You must be a resident of the United States or the specific county where the program is active to receive a free bed.

Additional Requirements: Meeting other program-specific requirements is necessary to secure a free bed. These programs often assist homeless individuals, low-income households, people with disabilities, and children.”

Required Documents for Free Beds For Low Income Families

To secure a free bed for low-income individuals, you’ll need to provide a few essential documents:

Proof of Residence: To qualify for a free bed, show documents like your utility bill, state ID, or driver’s license to confirm your address.

Proof of Income: Additionally, demonstrate your financial situation with documents like bank statements, tax returns, or salary slips when applying for a free bed.

Proof of Need: Get a letter from a professional, case manager, or social worker explaining your need for a free bed.

Application Form: Complete the application form and attach all the required documents to request a free bed.

How To Get Free Beds For Low-Income Families?

Discovering the Support You Need:

  • Government Aid: Get Free Beds and Mattresses
  • Charitable Contributions: Free Beds and Mattresses for Those in Need
  • Free Mattress Trials: Test Before You Invest

These avenues provide accessible opportunities for low-income families to secure essential furniture for a better quality of life.”

1. Government Programs

We’ve discovered several government programs that provide free beds to support low-income families.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Source: Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, free bed assistance program
Source: Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to your housing needs. The assistance you receive is based on your income, so the amount of the voucher can vary. 

If you’re eager to learn more about this program, head over to the HUD website! They have all the information you need.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Source: Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF), free bed assistance program
Source: Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) is here for you. It’s a federal program that provides cash aid to families with low incomes. This money can be a lifesaver, helping you buy things like beds, furniture, free food, and other essentials. For detailed information about these programs, pay a visit to the TANF website.

2. Organizations That Offer Free Beds

Non-profit organizations generously offer free beds to low-income families or those struggling with financial difficulties. Here are some examples of these benevolent initiatives:

Furniture For The Families

Source: Furniture For The Families, free bed assistance program
Source: Furniture For The Families

When applying for free furniture, individuals and families seeking assistance must undergo a screening process. This screening is conducted by social or human service agencies, utilizing the FFF referral form. 

Once this process is completed, you will receive a unique FFF number, which you should share with your caseworker.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for free beds designed to help low-income families, you will be provided with a brand-new bed at no cost. For more information and to begin your application, please visit the official Furniture for Families website.


Source: Beds4kids, free bed assistance program
Source: Beds4kids

Discover Beds4Kids, a heartwarming charitable organization on a mission to bring comfort to children in need. They generously offer free mattresses and beds to kids from low-income families, ensuring a good night’s sleep for both children and adults.

Participating in this program is simple. All you need is a photo ID to get started. It operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t wait too long. Please note that it’s a self-service program, meaning you’ll need to transport and lift the mattresses yourself, as no transportation service is provided.

Each household can receive up to three mattresses, giving families the chance to sleep soundly. The program is available every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., making it accessible for everyone.

Cribs for Kids

Source: Cribs for Kids, free bed assistance program
Source: Cribs for Kids

Discover the Graco Pack and Play crib, a highly portable solution for your child’s comfort. First, make sure you qualify. The office is conveniently located at 457 State Street in Binghamton, New York. You have the option to visit in person or give them a call for more details.

The mission of this organization is to prevent childhood sleep-related deaths by providing free cribs to low-income families and those facing urgent bed needs. Parents understand the significance of their child’s sleep, and this program aims to support them.

To apply, you can send a request to, or reach out via phone at 1-800-231-0744. They will guide you through the qualification process. If you meet the criteria, you can receive a free crib for your child. Sleep soundly knowing your child has a safe and comfortable place to rest.

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

Source: St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store, free bed assistance program
Source: St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

Transform your dream home into reality with free furniture from the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store. Whether you’re a family, senior citizen, or facing financial hardship, you’re eligible to receive free beds and furniture. 

In addition, you can apply for furniture vouchers tailored to your specific needs, including sofas, tables, couches, chairs, and mattresses. Your path to a happier, more comfortable living space starts at the local thrift store.

Samaritan House

Source: Samaritan House, free bed assistance program
Source: Samaritan House

Samaritan House extends a helping hand to children in need by offering them free furniture vouchers such as beds and chairs. It’s important to note that they do not supply furnishing equipment or appliances like dryers, refrigerators, and stoves.

To access their furniture assistance, individuals are required to present either a valid Student ID or proof of residence.

3. Using Free Mattress Trials

In a practical approach, one can obtain a mattress from a company, use it for approximately 100 days, return it, and then repeat this process with other companies. This method allows individuals to acquire a mattress without cost. 

However, it does require one to keep track of trial period deadlines and ensure timely mattress returns. For more information, please explore the recommended organizations below:


Source: Casper, free bed assistance program
Source: Casper

The popularity of mattresses delivered in a compact box to one’s doorstep is on the rise. Viewers may have come across television advertisements from well-known companies like Casper, Leesa, and Purple. Casper, a renowned mattress brand, stands out by offering a 100-night trial period. 

During this span, customers have the opportunity to test the mattress for 100 nights from the day of delivery. Should they find themselves unsatisfied, they have the option to return the mattress and receive a full refund, with Casper arranging for a returning partner to collect the mattress.

Avocado Green Mattress

Source: Avocado Green Mattress, free bed assistance program
Source: Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress offers high-quality mattresses crafted from all-natural and organic materials. Customers are provided with a generous 100-night mattress trial, ensuring a risk-free experience. 

If unsatisfied, a full refund is guaranteed, and the mattress will be conveniently picked up from the customer’s doorstep. Notably, there are no restocking fees involved, ensuring a hassle-free and complete refund process.

Nectar Sleep

Source: Nectar Sleep, free bed assistance program
Source: Nectar Sleep

Nectar Sleep offers a unique opportunity to try their mattresses for an entire year. For anyone seeking a hassle-free mattress trial that spans 365 days, Nectar Sleep is the ideal choice. They even provide a complimentary mattress pickup service when you decide to return it.


Source: PlushBeds, free bed assistance program
Source: PlushBeds

PlushBeds offers mattresses crafted with organic and natural materials. They provide a 100-night trial for customers. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, the company will refund your payment, minus the round-trip shipping expenses.

Saatva Mattress

Source: Saatva Mattress, free bed assistance program
Source: Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress presents a range of luxurious, eco-friendly mattresses. Customers can enjoy a generous 120-day trial period when purchasing a mattress from this company. 

It’s worth noting that while a full refund is available for the mattress itself, please keep in mind that the $99 transportation fee is non-refundable. On the bright side, there are no additional restocking fees to worry about.


Source: Luxi, free bed assistance program
Source: Luxi

Luxi offers memory foam mattresses with two trial options. Customers can choose between a 100-night trial and an exceptional 1,000-night trial, which is exclusively available when purchasing the Luxi 3-in-1 Mattress. Upon returning the mattress, customers will receive a refund.

Brooklyn Bedding

Source: Brooklyn Bedding, free bed assistance program
Source: Brooklyn Bedding

Individuals interested in testing a Brooklyn Bedding mattress can enjoy a risk-free trial period of 120 nights. Brooklyn Bedding, a reputable U.S. mattress manufacturer, offers this unique opportunity. 

Notably, there are no return fees associated with this trial, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable night’s sleep. Furthermore, both delivery and returns come with the added convenience of free shipping.

GhostBed Mattress

Source: GhostBed Mattress, free bed assistance program
Source: GhostBed Mattress

The GhostBed Mattress brand boasts a tagline proclaiming “supernatural comfort with cooling technology.” They offer mattresses manufactured in the United States and back their products with a generous 101-day trial period.

Amore Beds

Source: Amore Beds, free bed assistance program
Source: Amore Beds

Amore Beds offers high-quality mattresses at a fraction of the cost. Customers have the privilege of testing one of their mattresses for 100 nights. If you choose to return the mattress, Amore Beds will arrange a pickup and provide a complete refund.

Bear Mattress

Source: Bear Mattress, free bed assistance program
Source: Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress provides mattresses designed for maximum comfort, cooling, and recovery. Customers have the opportunity to test one of the company’s mattresses for a generous 100-night trial period. 

If unsatisfied, they are eligible for a full refund, with no hidden fees involved.

Aviya Mattress

Source: Aviya Mattress, free bed assistance program
Source: Aviya Mattress

Aviya Mattress offers innerspring mattresses for purchase on their website. Customers have the opportunity to test one of these mattresses for a generous 100 nights. 

Not only is the delivery complimentary, but if the mattress doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it hassle-free and receive a full refund. Aviya Mattress won’t charge any restocking fees, and they’ll even arrange for a free pickup of the mattress from your location.


Source: Gelfoambed, free bed assistance program
Source: Gelfoambed

Gelfoambed offers an impressive 365-night trial to its customers. They can request a 100% refund when they return the product. The company doesn’t burden customers with any return shipping fees or hidden charges. 

It’s important to note that this refund policy does not cover adjustable bases. The refund amount for the mattress is calculated by deducting the adjustable base expenses from the total order cost.

Sleep Number

Source: Sleep Number, free bed assistance program
Source: Sleep Number

Sleep Number provides a range of sleep solutions, including adjustable beds, memory foam mattresses, children’s beds, bedding, pillows, and more. Customers have the opportunity to experience one of their mattresses for 100 nights. 

It’s crucial to note that return and shipping delivery charges are applicable for returns, and some items, such as adjustable bases, are not part of the free trial. To find out which items qualify for the free trial, one can easily visit the website.

Helix Sleep

Source: Helix Sleep`, free bed assistance program
Source: Helix Sleep`

Helix Sleep provides a 100-night trial. When a customer contacts the company for a refund, Helix Sleep arranges for the mattress to be picked up, and the customer receives a complete refund.

How Do Free Mattress Trials Work?

Every company has its unique policies and procedures for mattress trials. To understand how these trials operate, one must contact the specific company from which they are purchasing the mattress.

During a mattress trial, customers receive a mattress free of charge for a specified duration. The trial length varies among companies, usually ranging from 90 to 1000 days. The most common trial period lasts around 100 days. 

After this trial period, customers are required to return the mattress and receive a refund of their payment. It’s important to note that the trial period for the mattress typically begins upon delivery, not the purchase date.

Other Ways To Get Free Beds

Other avenues for obtaining assistance with free beds are available, as outlined below:

Second-Hand Stores

Individuals seeking affordable home furnishings after their request for free beds has been declined can explore second-hand stores. Thousands of these shops are available, offering reasonably priced beds. 

Notably, many of these items are made accessible to low-income families. They are primarily sourced from generous donations by the general public.

Furniture Banks

When individuals seek free beds, they can easily access them at a furniture bank association. However, it’s crucial to complete a form that details their total savings, assets, and income. 

Financial institutions primarily prioritize low-income families, individuals with disabilities, elderly individuals, families with children, and those facing homelessness. It’s important to note that many people apply for these free beds, and as a result, a significant number may not meet the established requirements. 

Often, applications are declined because the applicant’s income exceeds the specified criteria, or they hail from regions not covered by the program. Therefore, it’s advisable to conduct some research before applying.

Thrift Shops and Furniture Stores 

When new arrivals come, certain furniture stores offer old mattresses at incredibly low prices. During festivals, one should make a point to visit these stores and explore the vintage furniture options.

 If someone is facing financial hardship, they can politely request assistance with their furniture needs. If the store is generous, they might even provide the furniture free of charge, without any cost.

Free Beds From Hotels and Apartments

Travelers can consider checking into a quality hotel as a starting point for their search. This represents an excellent opportunity for low-income families to obtain free beds. Additionally, reaching out to hotel officials or managers about unused mattresses is a viable option. 

Explaining your circumstances to them can be beneficial. By doing so, they may contact you in the future when a mattress becomes available. They can also assist you in acquiring nearby furniture.

How Can I Get Free Beds Near Me?

One can explore several avenues to find free beds nearby. To begin, individuals may reach out to their local government or charitable organizations to inquire about potential assistance programs. Often, these entities maintain bed availability for those in need.

Another viable option involves contacting nearby furniture stores. Occasionally, these establishments seek to dispose of surplus beds and may offer them at no cost. 

For additional prospects, individuals can browse online classifieds platforms such as Craigslist, where free bed listings in the vicinity may be accessible.

Lastly, an individual may choose to engage a local moving company. On occasion, these companies may have spare beds they are willing to provide free of charge.


Many individuals facing challenges in acquiring a new bed may find the Free Bed Program to be a valuable resource. It’s important to note that the availability of free beds depends on priority and individual needs. 

Fortunately, if you’re in search of a free bed, numerous organizations offer assistance to individuals with limited income. Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charitable groups are dedicated to supporting low-income families by providing help and grants. 

They also extend their support to students from low-income backgrounds through programs like Free Laptop for Low-Income Families. If you know anyone who could benefit from a free bed, please share this article with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to free hospital beds for older adults?

Elderly individuals face a higher likelihood of hospitalization compared to their younger counterparts, often experiencing more severe cases of the virus. Consequently, they necessitate extended hospital stays and vital resources like ventilators. Hospitals can secure adequate beds and resources for these elderly patients by promptly discharging those who have recovered and no longer require hospital care.

I am a disabled veteran. Can I get a free bed?

The Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) program provides vouchers for free or affordable housing to disabled veterans. This program is administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is open to eligible veterans with permanent and total disability due to their military service.

Does Medicare cover mattresses for seniors?

Medicare doesn’t offer direct coverage for mattresses designed for seniors. Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that Medicare Part B provides coverage for specific durable medical equipment (DME) items, such as hospital beds and air mattresses. These DME products can often be used alongside a regular mattress for medical purposes. If a doctor prescribes a mattress or any other DME as part of your medical treatment, Medicare will assist in covering the associated costs.

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