12 Best Places To Get $99 Dentures In A Day For Free Treatment 

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Affordable and accessible denture treatments are crucial for dental health. However, the cost can be a barrier for many. 

We’ve compiled a list of clinics offering free denture treatments, ensuring access to affordable solutions. Various options are available, from charitable organizations to government programs. 

We’ll cover eligibility criteria, application processes, and services provided by these clinics, empowering informed decision-making. 

Finding affordable denture treatments can be daunting, but our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource to help you regain oral health and restore your smile without high costs.

12 Best Ways To Get Free Dentures

Finding affordable dentures can be a challenging task, especially for those with limited financial resources. However, there are clinics and organizations dedicated to providing free denture treatments to individuals in need. 

In this section, we will explore some of the top clinics that offer free dentures, ensuring that everyone has access to quality dental care regardless of their financial situation.

Dentures cost usually becomes an area of concern for people when they want get treatment for their tooth problems. Same day dentures ant at very low cost gives them the opportunity to get relief from their tooth problems and take better care of their oral health.

#1. Dental Schools and Teaching Clinics:

Dental schools and teaching clinics are excellent resources for affordable or free dental care, including dentures. These institutions often have programs where dental students, under the supervision of experienced dentists, provide comprehensive dental services at reduced or no cost. 

While the treatment process may take longer due to the educational nature, the quality of care is generally high. Contact dental schools and teaching clinics in your area to inquire about their denture programs.

#2. America’s Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF)

The America’s Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF) is a leading dental clinic dedicated to providing comprehensive oral care to individuals in need across the United States. 

As a nonprofit organization, ADCF operates a network of volunteer dental professionals who generously donate their time and expertise to deliver high-quality dental services. 

With a mission to improve access to dental care, ADCF conducts various programs and initiatives, including mobile clinics and dental missions, to reach underserved communities. 

Through their commitment to oral health education, prevention, and treatment, ADCF strives to make a positive impact on the overall dental well-being of individuals, ensuring that everyone has access to quality dental care regardless of their financial or geographic circumstances.

#3. Non-Profit Organizations and Charitable Clinics:

Numerous non-profit organizations and charitable clinics are dedicated to improving oral health and providing free dental services to underserved communities. These organizations often partner with dentists and dental professionals who volunteer their time and expertise. 

For individuals in need of affordable dentures, non-profit organizations play a crucial role in ensuring access to quality dental care. If you are seeking low cost dentures, here are some of the best non-profit organizations that offer the $99 dentures in a day program.

Some notable examples include the Dental Lifeline Network, Give Back a Smile, and Mission of Mercy. Research local non-profit organizations and clinics in your area to discover if they offer free denture treatments.

#4. Dental Lifeline Network (DLN):

Dental Lifeline Network is a national non-profit organization that provides dental care to individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and those who cannot afford treatment. 

Through their Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, they connect eligible individuals with volunteer dentists who provide comprehensive dental care, including dentures. 

The DDS program offers the opportunity to receive immediate dentures at a significantly reduced cost, often as part of the $99 dentures in a day program.

#5. Wellness Resources And Services Administration (HRSA):

The Wellness Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) operates a free dental clinic dedicated to providing essential oral healthcare services to underserved individuals. 

As a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HRSA is committed to promoting access to quality healthcare for vulnerable populations. 

The free dental clinic offered by HRSA focuses on delivering comprehensive dental treatments, preventive care, and oral health education to individuals who may have limited financial resources or lack insurance coverage. 

Through their network of qualified dental professionals and community partnerships, HRSA strives to improve oral health outcomes and enhance the overall well-being of individuals in need. 

#6. Give Back a Smile (GBAS):

Give Back a Smile is a program of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation. It focuses on helping survivors of domestic violence who have experienced dental trauma. 

Through participating volunteer dentists, the program offers restorative dental treatments, including dentures, at a reduced cost or sometimes at no cost. 

While the program primarily serves survivors of domestic violence, it is worth exploring if you meet their eligibility criteria.

#7. Remote Area Medical (RAM) Volunteer Corps

The Remote Area Medical (RAM) Volunteer Corps is a dental clinic dedicated to providing essential dental care services to individuals in remote and underserved areas. 

As a nonprofit organization, RAM mobilizes a team of skilled volunteers, including dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants, to offer high-quality dental treatments and preventive care. 

With a focus on reaching communities with limited access to dental services, RAM’s dental clinic operates in remote areas, often setting up temporary clinics in mobile units or partnering with local organizations.

#8. Mission of Mercy:

Mission of Mercy is a non-profit organization that provides free dental care to underserved communities across the United States. They organize temporary free dental clinics where volunteer dentists and dental professionals offer a range of services, including dentures, to those in need. 

While the availability of dentures may vary depending on the specific clinic and location, Mission of Mercy is known for their commitment to providing affordable or free dental treatments to individuals who cannot afford them.

#9. Federally Qualified Health Centers:

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are community-based healthcare facilities that offer comprehensive medical and dental services to individuals regardless of their ability to pay. These centers receive federal funding and provide affordable or free dental care to low-income individuals and families. 

FQHCs have sliding fee scales based on income, ensuring that services are accessible to those in need. Locate an FQHC near you and inquire about their dental services, including dentures.

#10. Medicaid and State Dental Programs:

Medicaid, a government-funded healthcare program, provides dental coverage for eligible low-income individuals and families. Each state has its own Medicaid dental program, which may include coverage for dentures. 

Contact your local Medicaid office or visit their website to learn about the dental services covered and the application process. State dental programs outside of Medicaid may also provide assistance for dentures to individuals who meet specific criteria.

#11. Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE):

The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is an excellent resource for seniors seeking free dental care. PACE is a comprehensive healthcare program designed to meet the needs of elderly individuals who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. 

Alongside medical services, PACE offers a range of dental services, including preventive care, treatments, and dentures, at little to no cost. By enrolling in PACE, eligible seniors gain access to a coordinated approach to healthcare that covers various aspects, including dental care

#12. Veterans Affairs (VA) Dental Care:

Veterans who qualify for VA healthcare benefits may have access to free or low-cost dental care, including dentures, through the VA Dental Care program. The VA provides comprehensive dental services to eligible veterans, and dentures are among the treatment options available. 

Veterans can contact their local VA medical center to determine their eligibility and explore the denture services provided.

Get $99 Dentures & Avoid Expensive Dental Implants

Dentures can be a suitable option for individuals who have lost some or all of their natural teeth due to various reasons, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. 

There are two types of dentures, temporary dentures and permanent dentures. Temporary dentures are less expensive and will be readily available as you asked for them, while permanent dentures are made up of high quality resin and are expensive.  

Dentures not only replace the missing teeth but also restore the natural contours of your face, giving you a more youthful and attractive appearance.


Access to affordable dental care, especially when it comes to obtaining dentures, is a vital concern for many individuals. In this blog post, we have explored the world of finding affordable dentures and highlighted the top clinics that offer free treatments. 

We discussed various options from where you can get $99 dentures in a day including dental schools and teaching clinics, non-profit organizations and charitable clinics, federally qualified health centers, Medicaid and state dental programs, and Veterans Affairs dental care. 

However, it’s important to note that the availability of free denture treatments may vary based on location and specific eligibility criteria. It is advisable to contact the clinics and organizations mentioned in this blog to verify the services they offer and the requirements for qualification.

By exploring the opportunities presented in this blog, you can take the necessary steps towards finding a clinic that provides free dentures and allowing you to regain your oral health and restore your smile without the financial burden. 

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