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Gary Charles Peters is an American politician and lawyer. He is currently serving as a Junior United States Senator from Michigan. He is a member of the Democratic party.

Senator Gary Peters was born in Pontiac, Michigan on December 1st, 1958. He was raised in the city. He went to Rochester High School and graduated in 1976. From there, he chose to attend Alma College. He graduated magna cum laude in 1980 with a B.A. degree in Political Science. 

He completed his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Detroit in 1984.

Sen. Peters Joined the United States Navy Reserve at the age of 34 in 1993. He served in the Selfridge Air National Guard Base for more than ten years. He was designated as the Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist and he worked on assignments as an Assistant Supply Officer. 

Gary served in the Navy Reserve for 15 years and left in 2008 after attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

He also worked as a financial advisor for 22 years. He taught finance at Wayne State, also strategic management and business policy courses at Oakland University. 

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Here’s our collection of the best Gary Peters Quotes:

Gary Peters Quotes on Politics/Establishment

US Senator Gary Peters at Senate. Source: peters.senate.gov

People want someone focused on getting the job done, not political talking points but rather solving problems.

Set politics and party aside: If it’s not right for Michigan’s small businesses and middle class, it’s never been right with me.

Attacks on the right to vote across the country undermine the bedrock of our democracy. We must pass voting rights legislation. If Republicans refuse to help protect our democratic institutions, Senate Democrats must act.

Rebuilding our infrastructure with resiliency in mind so it cuts costs for families, expanding high-speed internet, protecting against extreme weather: these are all things that will move us forward. Senate Democrats are delivering for the American people!

People want someone focused on getting the job done, not political talking points but rather solving problems.

There are a lot of folks there waiting for airplanes and a lot of folks going into those establishments looking to relax.

Senator Cortez Masto’s hard work and strong leadership as DSCC Chair played a critical role in Democrats winning the Senate majority, I look forward to drawing on my own experience winning tough races to continue that work, and I am grateful to Majority Leader Schumer and our caucus for trusting me with this responsibility. We have a great opportunity in 2022 to defend and expand our Democratic majority.

So there are always efforts whenever Ed Markey dealing with a serious issue like this, that people want to change the discussion and have everybody chance another different shiny object, our job in the Senate, and it should have been the job of the FBI too, is to focus on those that are credible.

If the President believes that there’s nothing there, then he shouldn’t be afraid of the facts coming out, let’s have 100% credibility with a special prosecutor, and let’s make sure it’s done with integrity.

Over the last 16 years, the United States has spent trillions of dollars on the war in Afghanistan and lost over 2,000 American lives, I will be fully evaluating any plan that involves increasing the number of forces in Afghanistan to ensure that there is a clear strategy and end goal before the United States commits large numbers of additional troops.

It’s a process — you can’t just pull the rug out from underneath everybody’s feet, if you tell the American people you must do this, my experience has been a lot of people will say,’ You can’t tell me to do anything.’.

Let folks vote. Mitch McConnell has the ability to do that … He simply is unwilling to do that and the American people are going to be hurt.

An elected mayor is going to listen to his or her citizens about this, the city council … did not have power.

The state was aware of issues for far too many months before any action was taken, the state of Michigan created this catastrophe.

Despite my serious reservations, I will reluctantly vote against a motion of disapproval because I believe that doing so will protect the credibility of the United States to hold Iran accountable to adhere to every single obligation in the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], having talked to the technical experts who will be involved with the implementation of this agreement, I have come to the conclusion that its many overlapping provisions will make it exceedingly difficult for the Iranians to build a nuclear weapon in the short term and will lengthen the time required should they choose to break their commitments and try to build one in the future.

There is a great deal of energy on both sides because of what’s at stake here, it’s incredibly important.

Michigan is doing incredibly innovative work to support our troops and keep our military on the cutting-edge. 

There’s a lot for Michigan in the bipartisan infrastructure bill—whether it’s roads & bridges, high-speed internet or lead service line removal. Proud to have helped deliver for Michiganders and folks across the country.

It is clear that the President betrayed the trust of the American public placed in him to fully execute his constitutional responsibilities, this betrayal is by definition a high crime and misdemeanor. If it does not rise to the level of impeachment and removal, I am not sure what would.

Gary Peters Quotes on Security/Violence

As domestic violent extremists continue to use social media and targeted advertising to spread hateful ideologies and organize attacks, these companies must do a better job of monitoring and preventing the proliferation of hateful ideologies such as white nationalist and anti-government rhetoric on their platforms.

We’re also looking at some intelligence failures, and some recommendations roughly regarding the National Guard, but it’s meant to be an opportunity to look at some quick recommendations for some relatively quick action to make sure that we’re safeguarding the Capitol.

We’re dealing with a very complex issue here, and the more folks that are looking into it the better, because ultimately, we want to make sure that what we saw happen on January 6th never happens again.

It is past time that we properly honor those lost. That’s why I will continue to work with my colleagues and the families of those lives lost on ways we can honor the servicemembers.

Gary Peters Quotes on Cryptocurrency

Sen. Gary Peters shares his abortion story. Source: nbcnews.com

We want to make sure we are dealing with cryptocurrency and understand why it is the choice by these folks and how can we disrupt that choice.

Gary Peters Quotes on Environment

PFAS contamination is a serious threat to our environment, human & public health & economic growth. I’ll keep elevating this issue & help force clean-up at toxic PFAS sites.

Other Gary Peters Quotes

Democrat Gary Peters wins Michigan’s Senate race. Source: pbs.org

I take very seriously the notion that you have to get out in your community; you have to talk to people, but, more importantly, you have to listen to people.

I’ve always believed that the things middle-class families struggle with around their kitchen tables should define my work in Washington.

Weymouth has a great chance of going up. That gives Ben the chance of playing next year.

We want people to play responsibly, and we take that very seriously.

He’s definitely become more physical but he’s got to improve his tackling because he can’t just lunge in on players.

Making the decision now allows Stuart to go out and try to get a head start.

We’re continuing to add retailers, … We’re on pace where about 10 retailers per week are being licensed.

He has the technique, pace, and youth to be a very good player. We’ve got to make sure we harness that ability.

Obviously, the biggest target of opportunity is Detroit Metro, … They have the biggest volume of people going through the airport.

I was sympathetic to the guy; he’s a small business owner like myself. But I heard nothing that was going to change my mind.

We expect that it will sell out much quicker than a normal instant cash ticket. You might get some people that might not be regular lottery players but are Red Wings fans who would like to certainly win cash, but (also) some of the different prize packs. It’s reaching out to the hockey fan.

Jamie has got to show real strength now and he knows that. Jamie needs to improve his heading and tackling and that has to be his focus as he looks to keep improving.

Even a simplified stability test, which usually only takes one day, would have identified a problem with the Ethan Allen and the tragedy would not have occurred.

I’m after someone who is young and ambitious but who has enough experience. I do not want someone who hasn’t coached before.

All the players have got a point to prove because there is competition for places and none of them are safe.

Every day, millions of passengers and tens of thousands of shipping containers carrying food products cross our nation’s borders.


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