81 Virginia Facts and Weird Laws

Virginia Facts

Virginia is home to eight U.S. Presidents—no other state produced more United States Presidents than this state. Four out of the first U.S. presidents were born here. Monticello and Mount Vernon, two of the state’s top attractions, are both homes of presidents. Most of the Civil war Battlefields and the sites where the American Revolutionary … Read more

79 North Carolina Facts and Weird Laws

North Carolina Facts

Most people overlook North Carolina for other states.  The State has a long history that helped shape the United States.  You can visit the State to learn the history of this State, tour the attractions, or enjoy sports. Other than soybeans and sweet potatoes, North Carolina has produced some of the most famous people in … Read more

77 Iowa Facts and Weird Laws

Iowa Facts

Iowa’s midwestern charm sets this state apart from others. Iowa’s cities are welcoming and friendly; from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids, this state is the one you visit when you want to explore unique places. When you explore this state, you’ll gain knowledge, enjoy the adventure, and you are likely to draw inspiration from the … Read more

84 New York Facts and Weird Laws

New York Facts

Manhattan, one of the boroughs of New York City, is home to some of the most popular attractions in this state, including Times Square, Central Park, and the Empire State Building. While many people believe New York City has all of New York’s attractions, this assumption is far from the truth.   Natural beauty, as well … Read more

80 Illinois Facts and Weird Laws

Illinois Facts

Illinois is home to some of the most popular people in the world, including Walter Disney and Michelle Obama.  Over 114 million people visit this state per year. What’s unique about Illinois State that attracts such a record-setting number of tourists? Located in the Great Lakes Region, Illinois boasts the best shopping in the Midwest … Read more

77 Wisconsin Facts and Weird Laws

Wisconsin Facts

What is it like visiting Wisconsin?  You may know Wisconsin as one of the leading producers of dairy products. While that is true, Wisconsin boasts more than the dairy farms! Located in the Western United States in a region known as the Upper Midwest, Wisconsin offers a diverse landscape interlaced with hills and hiking trails. … Read more

78 Georgia Facts and Weird Laws

Georgia Facts

What’s Georgia famous for?  Located in the Southeastern United States, Georgia is a tourist hot spot. This state boasts the largest aquarium globally, a beautiful mountain landscape, and marvelous beaches. Georgia’s historic sites take you back to when horse chariots were the mode of transportation.   These historic sites offer you the opportunity to learn all … Read more

76 Missouri Facts and Weird Laws

Missouri Facts

Over 18 million tourists visit Missouri historic sites and state parks per year. What is it about Missouri that attracts such huge numbers of people? Missouri state is located in the Western United States in a region popularly known as the Midwest.  Missouri has a long list of fun-filled experiences to offer.  This state is … Read more

90 Oklahoma Facts and Weird Laws

Oklahoma Facts

Oklahoma, with its rich history and unique culture, is a travel destination for tourists from all over the world.  Over 11.6 million people visited Oklahoma state parks alone in 2021. Is there anything going on in Oklahoma? I get this question a lot from people who have doubts about visiting Oklahoma. Oklahoma boasts some of … Read more

85 Kansas Facts and Weird Laws

Kansas Facts

What are the unique things about Kansas state? None Kansans think Kansas is big farmland with nothing interesting in it. Although Kansas is famous for its flat landscape, it isn’t the fastest—Florida takes that crown. Located in the Midwestern part of the United States, Kansas is one of the best US states in picturesque landmarks, … Read more