77 Montana Facts and Weird Laws

Montana Facts

What is Montana popular for? Intriguing Montana facts involve its rich animal life, national parks, rivers, huge deposits of gold, coal, and copper.  Did you know more than 11 million people visited Montana in 2020 alone? This stat is according to a study by the Institute of Tourism and Recreation Research, 2020.   You can also … Read more

61 California Facts and Weird Laws

California Facts

The golden state is the hub of innovation and its rich culture and history make it a favorite with visitors. California is more than just the myths that surround it. It is more than just tanned supermodels, beaches, surfing, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. California has a lot to offer the curious mind.  Read on as … Read more

61 Texas Facts and Weird Laws

Texas Facts

When people hear about Texas, they probably think of guns, Dr Pepper, immigrants, cowboy boots, and rodeos. All these stereotypes haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what a gem Texas is.  The Lone Star State is a study in uniqueness and we Texans fly our Lone Star flag high with pride and we … Read more

67 Alaska Facts and Weird Laws

Alaska Facts

When people think of Alaska, their first thoughts are of ice, running away from bears and the wilderness. Alaska is a state of wonders that offers the most breathtaking scenery. It’s the largest in the area and the least densely populated, with just over one person per square mile.  Alaska is an attractive place for … Read more