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Senator Rand Paul
Name: Rand Paul
State: Kentucky
Party: Republican
Born: January 7, 1963 (Age: 60)
Entered Office: January 3, 2011
Term Expires: January 3, 2023
Mailing Address: 167 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Phone Number: (202) 224-4343
Email Address: Email Form
Website: Official Website


Senator Randal Howard Paul is an American politician and physician. He has been serving as a junior US Senator from Kentucky under the Democrats since 2011.

Senator Rand Paul was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on January 7, 1963. He is the son of Ron Paul, an influential American Politician.

When he was five years old, his family moved to Texas. Paul attended Baylor University from 1981 to 1984. But, he dropped out of Baylor University without completing his baccalaureate degree. Yet, he gained admission to the Duke University School of Medicine. He earned his medical degree at Duke University in 1988.

After completing his residency in Ophthalmology in 1993, Paul moved to Bowling Green. There, he got his practicing license. He got a job at Downing McPeak Vision Centers for five years. He also worked at Graves Gilbert Clinic for ten years. After 15 years of practice, he created his medical practice.

Paul specializes in cornea transplants and eye defect surgeries. In 2009, he established a nonprofit eye clinic to help provide free eye exams and surgeries. Senator Rand Paul won the Melvin Jones Fellow Award for his dedication to humanitarian works.


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