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Senator Tommy Tuberville
Name: Tommy Tuberville
State: Alabama
Party: Republican
Born: September 18, 1954 (Age: 68)
Entered Office: January 3, 2021
Term Expires: January 3, 2027
Mailing Address: B40A Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Phone Number: (202) 224-4124
Email Address: Email Form
Website: Official Website


Senator Tommy Tuberville is a serving U.S senator from Alabama. He is a former college athlete and football coach. He also works as a sports broadcaster for ESPN. He is also well known for his sparkling coaching career of 40 years as a college football team.

Mr. Tuberville was born in Camden, Arkansas. He graduated high school in 1972 from Harmony Grove high school. He then went to Southern Arkansas University. He joined the football team there and also played on the golf team for two years.

He graduated with a B.S. in physical education from Southern Arkansas University (SAU) in 1976. He was made the SAU sports Hall of Fame in 2008.

His father had served as a World War II veteran. His father was the recipient of 5 bronze medals and a Purple Heart. He inspired him to enter politics. He has inherited passion, patriotism, and work ethics from his father.

Tuberville has shown vigorous support towards the nation’s law enforcement and military. He is a strong advocate and fighter for Alabamians’ values. He is regarded as a vocal leader in the U.S. Senate.

Senator Tommy Tuberville Political Career

Senator Tommy Tuberville left Alabama and Came to Florida with the mindset of running for the U.S. Senate in 2018. He announced in 2019 that he will enter the 2020 Republican Primary against Doug Jones.

Tuberville’s campaign had a few pre-scheduled campaign appearances and press conferences. It was described as low profile. He aligned himself with President Trump closely.

In the March 2020 elections, Tuberville had 33.4% of the vote in the Republican Primary. Jeff Sanders received 31.6% of the votes. Both candidates couldn’t receive more than 50% of the votes, so it resulted in a runoff.

Before the runoff elections, Trump endorsed Tuberville. Tuberville said in his campaign ads that nobody seemed to be man enough to stand with Trump when things got tough. Tuberville defeated Jeff Sanders in the runoffs by receiving 60.7% of the votes.

Tuberville was favored to win the elections as a Republican and he defeated Doug Jones on November 3rd by receiving 60.1% of the votes

Senator Tommy Tuberville Accomplishments
Senator Tommy Tuberville has lots of accomplishments during his coaching career such as winning six straight Iron Bowls. He became the second head coach in the history of football to win a bowl game in the first season.

However, there seems to be little to commend when it comes to the senator’s political accomplishments

Senator Tommy Tuberville Criticisms

Firstly, Tuberville does not participate in any election debates. And, according to IRS documents Tuberville’s personal charity kept most of the money raised for vets. In August 2020, he said that he speculated that the Coronavirus “might be an experiment for the Green New Deal


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